View Full Version : List of businesses, gun friendly or not?

08-26-2008, 12:48 PM
I thought I saw a while back someone had a post about various business that were and were not gun issue and NRA friendly. I am looking for all the places that contribute to the Brady's, or not, etc.

For instance, I'm looking for some RAM for my computer, and want to make sure I don't buy from a company that isn't friendly to the 2A cause, I think there is one of them there too!

I've stopped buying Levi's/Docker's because of this, and Kenneth Cole too (no matter HOW much I like his designs. :mad: )
Would like to know if Van Heusen, or Blass, or Polo, etc. are viable alternatives to not supporting "the bad guys".

I tend to put my money where my mouth is, and am willing to change my preference based on my beliefs. This is just another step that direction.

However, I can't find that post or thread anymore!! Please help! If you know where it is, or have the link, please send it on!

For my part, here is the link for US-made products that you may or may not be interested in!

Many thanks,