View Full Version : Half asleep "safe roster" bypass idea

08-24-2008, 11:00 PM
So why can't we render a semiauto into a single shot for exemption of importation into CA? A wooden dowel in place of a recoil rod/spring could hold up for a few shots (maybe not) to make it legal for shipping into CA, right? Kinda akin to CA AR pistol hoop jumping?

I'll go back to sleep now so somebody with more money and brains than I can work this through....


08-24-2008, 11:16 PM
No news here.

This has already been exploited into importation of single-shot AR & AK pistols into CA.

Several notes, in brief:
- don't be too casual, redundancy to single-shot status is good;
- the gun must be dimensionally compliant per 12133PC (for single shot, min 6" bbl length and 10.5" min overall length measured parallel to bore);
- for AR/AK pistols single-shot status was created by by single shot "sled" replacing magazine, and being locked in with mag lock;
- single shot status reaffirmed with blocked gas system (no gas tube, gas port blocked or no gas piston + gas port blocked)
- rendering into single-shot status should be done before gun enters CA if gun is being imported into CA, and should be retained before and during DROS and 10 day wait until the moment the customer takes delivery and removes exempt gun from CA FFL;

Simple blockage should be avoided for other pistols. To be safe I think a bbl should not have a feed ramp (or it's welded up with a block) and slide should not cycle when firing a round (i.e, way stiff spring that avoids slide movement - however, it must allow manual cycling to allow a round to be chambered thru port.

Do a search here on single-shot pistol exemption and 12133PC and you'll find more details - I'm just back from Reno and too pooped to type further.