View Full Version : 'a warm thank you' to Project Bore Snake Supporters

08-24-2008, 2:22 AM
Just came in at "the Project". And I mean, just came in.

If you've supported Project Bore Snake (http://ProjectBoreSnake.org/), you've got the gratitude of the best that America has to offer...

From: Rick T. (with an 'af.mil' email address)
Date: 08/24/08 00:02 AM PDT
Subject: a warm thank you

I, We would like to give the volunteers of the project boresnake organization a warm thank you for the boresnakes. We appreciate the thought that people like you, give us a reason to keep our country free,, thank you for your support ,,, and again,,, thank you,,

Tsgt. Rick T.
Tsgt. Dan T.
Ssgt. Luke L.
SMsgt. Bruce M.
Tsgt. Todd M.
Ssgt. Adam R.

(If you haven't, there's a cure for that.)

Thank you, calguns!