View Full Version : Hogue Compstock

Mike L
08-21-2008, 2:39 PM
I just purchased a Hogue Compstock for my Winchester 1300 Defender. It came with the overmolded forend as well. I have read that an adapter nut (03320) is required if the factory forend is 4.75" long. What is the proper way to measure the factory forend? Is it overall length? I emailed Hogue and Knoxx/Blackhawk and have not received a reply. I called Hogue and the lady thinks the measurement is overall but was not sure.

I was looking at the technical instructions on the Knoxx website and it mentioned the following about the sling mount in the rear stock:

WARNING: Sling Swivel Stud - Do not install or relocate a sling swivel stud into the hole on the bottom of the stock. Doing so will damage the CompStock Mechanism and interfere with the function of stock. If a sling stud is not already pre-installed, a stud may be installed 1.25 inches forward of the existing hole.

The stud is located on the bottom of the stock and it appears it was not relocated. Is this a potential problem? Here are some pics of what I have: