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08-19-2008, 12:53 PM
We have many Problems here in California, but if we start with the attitude that we can find solutions to the problems, we will find solutions.

If what we are doing isn't working, then we need to go to new strategies, try new things and till we find what will work.

We have a problem with Gun Control because many people believe that guns are the problem and that gun control will solve the problem.

Of course we have power hungry government officials who use the gun control issue to gain power, that is why gun control laws that make no sense actually get passed, the real issue isn't guns, it is power.

The real cause of gun problems in our country probably can be traced to messed up government policies, of course those who make and benefit from the policies are going to protect their policies.

Finding a scapegoat to shift blame from them to someone else is a viable tactic, especially when the scapegoat doesn't see it coming.

What the scapegoat needs to be able to do is shift blame back to where it really belongs, but if the scapegoat doesn't know where the attack came from, they are helpless and they have to then defend themselves from unjustified attacks.

You will notice that many gun control advocates are also big government advocates and if you look at how effective their programs deal with the problems they are supposed to correct, you will find less than stellar results.

Scapegoating us keeps them in power. Since gun owners tend to be for less government spending and for self reliance, gun control laws give an added benefit of pushing people with a independent mindset to leave the state.

Our problem comes down to power and money.

Many gun owners throw up their hands in the air and say there is no way we can match the money of the anti gunners.

What we need to do is set small goals, go for what I call the low hanging fruit because there is alot of low hanging fruit in this state.

What I would like everyone to consider is what problems do you see we have and then come up with what you think are some solutions we should consider, even if you think they are outrageous:D

Some of you on the board may be tempted to throw cold water or dirt on ideas, but I am going to ask you not to do so.

The real issue here is we need to develop our fire, we need to tap into our gut emotions because when we can tap into our hearts for solutions, then use our brains to fine tune those solutions, we will win.

The more the solutions we come up that appeal beyond the conservative/libertarian mindset, the more likely our solutions will be implemented.


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08-19-2008, 2:54 PM
I maintain, and have always said, that the "gun problem" is in reality a "social problem".

How do you fix "Social" problems? Through awareness and education campaigns.

With guns, that might not entirely be enough though. The "gun problem" involves another aspect, and that is violent crime. Violent crime as a problem cannot be solved readily by simple education. Violent crime goes up when unemployment goes up. Violent crime exists primarily in poor neighborhoods. What is the solution there? I'm going to say something that a lot of people might have a problem with, and that's limited social programs. I am fairly conservative, but I also believe that a government funded by my tax money should be able to give a little something back to the people. Public parks, libraries, etc are all social programs that I believe fully in. I think Social programs that help get people working, and help elevate people out of poor neighborhoods (discounted education, job training programs, etc) can go a very long way to reduce violent crime and the "gun problem".

Unfortunately, educating people to reduce a problem doesn't get any votes. Banning "assault rifles" sure gets the voters out though!