View Full Version : Benelli M4 US made forearm

08-18-2008, 7:59 PM
I understand there are a couple of US made forearms for the Benelli M4 out there, but they're around the $200 range.
It's not the $$, I just don't like the "rail" look, I just want a plain forearm.

My question is has anyone considered doing a mod on a plain jane US made forearm and try to get it to fit on the M4?

Anybody out there with a M4 have access to a bunch of shotguns or at least different forearms willing to take a look at which model shotgun forearm has the potential to fit the M4?

I'd be willing to buy one and hack it up myself to see if I can make it work.

Or maybe a bunch or people already have to same idea, tried it, and found out there's no easy way of doing it?
That's ok too, I'll just give up on that idea.