View Full Version : Pistol Program Demise

08-14-2008, 7:31 PM
Attention All:

Due in part to the complete lack of registrants as well as the very poor attendance at Pistol Matches; compounded with the manpower necessities to run those matches. The Board of Directors for the Santa Margarita Gun Club has made a decision to cancel the remainder of the Pistol Program's calender for the 2008 season.

It has been a difficult decision for the Board to make, but ultimately, it had to be done to preserve both manpower and the bottom line as the poor attendance at the Matches was both a financial and a manpower drain on the rest of the SMGC agenda.

We hope to revive the Pistol Program once the Highpower Program is thriving and the Club's census is high enough that there will be enough interested individuals to fuel a change.

As it stands now there is no plan for a Pistol Program in the 2009 calender year. We, the Board, wholeheartedly wish for and are working toward changes in 2009-2010 which can once again activate our now defunct Pistol agenda.

Thank you all for your past support.

SMGC Board of Directors