View Full Version : Any greassroots campaigns to unseat anti-gun legislators?

08-14-2008, 2:59 AM
Specifically those that keep submitting specious anti-gun bills, every session.

Surely it's a short list (and even shorter, with that scumbag Perata being termed out) and an effective campaign to oust such socialists would help curtail the willingness of their fellows to submit such legislation.
Doesn't even matter if it's just another socialist, just work on ousting the parasites that submit such bills.

People like De Leon, of the Chinatown / Mission district of L.A. -

Like DeSaulnier, of Mountain View -

Like Leno of San Francisco -

Given where some of these Anti-gun Democrats are located, and considering the horrific gerrymandering that is present in this state, there's little hope of replacing them with Republicans. And considering the debased state of the Republican party in this state (and nationally), just doing that is no surety of having a pro-gun representative. But even so, there MUST be some penalty to these cretins for doing what they are trying to do.

And while we're at it we can oust the commie assemblyman from L.A. that put forward a bill to lift the ban on teaching communism in our schools. Not that it isn't already, but he just wants it officially 'ok'.

08-14-2008, 3:04 AM
or assemblywoman Hancock
and her specious bill calling for the Repeal of Preemption, so she and her fellow Democrats can enact city gun bans, like their Democrat pals have in Chicago.