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08-08-2008, 9:12 AM

At the range yesterday a friend of mine, retired LEO, said that a new law is in the hands of the legislators, right now, soon to be voted on..

He said, "if passed, it will limit any legal, law abiding, Calif citizen to just 50 rounds of ammo per month per caliber..

I have heard nothing about this, as he kinda gave me that look, "that's right, you're not supposed to know.."

He suggested saving all spent ammo (which I do) and start re-loading..

I asked him if this "new piece of legislation" were passed, does it, or would it, effect "reloading"?.. He just, kinda, shrugged his shoulders and said; he's not sure if this is being addressed as well..

Anyone have some ears on this new piece of legislative gun-restrictive (ammo purchase) law that unbeknown to me, and many others, is all about..?

From what we talked about, it will be just like what one, now, has to do to buy Sudafed, where one has to show Calif drivers licence to whomever sells it, they swipe it and you have to sign for it, along with, one is limited as to how much one can buy, not only, at one time, but during a cycled month IIRC.

If this is being discussed in another thread, my apologies, as I looked for something pertaining to this California gun owners limited ammo-buys per month legislation, that our ~ Keepers ~ are trying to silently put, yet, another band aid fix, for more of the uneducated and over educated, votes, that once, IF, such a law gets passed, they will use in their next campaign blitz against gun-violence, saying: "Look what I did.."


08-08-2008, 9:13 AM

It's a sticky on the 2A thread. (At the top.)