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12-07-2015, 9:08 AM

Model 70 Stainless Walnut Controlled Round Feed

Caliber: 308 Win

Location Orange County:


Will ship: No

Rarely Used

Here's what you're gonna get:

A limited run stainless-walnut Model 70 Featherweight. I believe it was offered for sale for only 2 years. The rifle is in darn near new condition. I've rarely hunted with it. It has a Leupold Vari-X III atop her. She has a 3-pound trigger pull. She has little or no wear marks. This rifle is ready to hunt everything in North America.

You're also gonna get at least 100 good quality factory rounds; 3 unopened pounds of Varget powder, 3 unopened pounds of RL-15 powder, 2 unopened pounds of Power Pro 2000 MR powder, and 1 darn near full pound of Power Pro 2000 MR powder; 1 unopened box of Lapua brass, another 100 Lapua cases about 75 of which have never been fired; 4 unopened boxes of 165 grain Accubond bullets; 1 unopened box of 165 grain Sierra GameKing bullets; approximately 100 like new 165 Sierra gameKing bullets, and a set of RCBS neck sizing dies.

This rifle will shoot MOA. It is ready for your next big game hunt.

12-08-2015, 7:41 AM
Ready for 360 elk, full curl rams, 30" mule deer, and 60" moose.