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07-26-2008, 5:45 PM
I believe I am in some kind of trouble and I am in need of some assistance. About 3 weeks ago, the police confiscated my AR-15. The police entered my apartment because they believed my roommate was dealing marijuana. They confiscated my rifle for precautionary reasons only.

I believe my AR-15 is legal. I researched the rules and regulations, and searched this forum for a long time before i built my AR. My AR-15 has a collapsible M4 stock, muzzle break, and a C-product 10 round mag in a 30 round tube with a prince 50 mag lock kit. I have all the paper work as well.

When the cops inspected my rifle, they told me that it was legal and I had nothing to worry about as long as I had the paperwork. But couple days ago I received a call saying that my rifle may be illegal and that I would have to come in. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Richie Rich
07-26-2008, 6:17 PM
I dunno,

If the law told me that all was on the up and up and then all of a sudden they changed their minds and wanted you to "come in", I don't think I would show up without a lawyer present.

If you decide not to bring a lawyer with you and they start accusing you of things or start getting all hard nosed and confrontational (or too nice for that matter) remember the following phrases.

"Am I free to go"? If the answer is no then "Am I under arrest" if the answer is yes then "I will not answer any questions without a lawyer present".

Personally, I would lawyer up if I were in you shoes, especially if your roomate was actually dealing drugs, there can be some serious issues when guns+drugs are involved in a crime.

07-26-2008, 6:21 PM
Please don't discuss anything here. Get a lawyer and let them do ALL of your talking with the police. Nothing you say to the police will help you and everything you say can hurt you.

M. Sage
07-26-2008, 6:47 PM
Stop. Call a lawyer. Don't say another word. Call a lawyer.

... get better roommates.