View Full Version : Let me introduce MAC!

07-24-2008, 9:35 AM
I have had a few people asking who is MAC AKA(Stockton). Mac is one of our outside REPs. and he will be helping me here on CAL-GUNS. Feel free to ask him question or place orders with him.

Here is some info on Mac:
13yrs in Army
Active/Guard/Reserve Cav Scout/Infantry/Drill SGT
Served in Operation Uphold Democracy Haiti 95-96 and Operation Iraqi Freedom 04-06
25th ID 125th HHC
40th ID H Troop 18th Cav BRT
3rd ID HHC 1-184th AA INF
2-415th A co BCT

Places to catch him at:

Shooting Interests:
Tac Long Range Rifle, Tac Carbine, Tac Pistol/IDPA