View Full Version : Thank you for all of your wonderful support and words of wisdom.You guys are the best

07-21-2008, 10:53 PM
I want to Thank you all for your tremendous support and words of wisdom...You guys are the best...I deeply appreciate you!

And yes, Gene was kind enough to email me and I have spoken to Joe Silvoso from TMLLP. I have never spoken to either one via phone or email until today and they were both amazingly supportive, what a spectacular group of folks you are, I am very grateful that I had the great good fortune to land here...This community is like any good unit...people care about each other, help as much as possible and have their Brothers and Sisters back...well done!

FYI...I do indeed plan on fighting the good fight and although I don't have the funds to hire an attorney, I will nonetheless take some of you guys advice and attempt to find a PD and give them some of the case law that you have sighted and whatever else you guys have already shared with me...BTW...Gene is also looking to see what they can do to help...

My belief is that some of our gun laws are unbelievably weighed on the side of the bad guys. And although I am a registered Democrat, worked for the DNC, I was also born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama and had a country boy as a father who taught me the right use of a firearm and how to use it for sport, pleasure and protection if needed. I may be considered by some folks to be a liberal on some issues, gun laws however, are not one of those issues.

I am a tremendous supporter in a person's legal right to bare arms. I believe that the ridiculous gun laws in CA are insanely short-sighted, help the bad guys, take the weapons out of the good guys hands in some cases and Must be changed, I'll do what IO can with this case and hopefully get a judge that can see the truth here...I have no illusions that my case will do anything to change the gun laws, however as many of you have said, working together as a group is a much stronger position and more likely to be heard through all of the other competing voices...IMO...

Many Thanks and Blessings to you all and your families,


07-21-2008, 11:40 PM
Garrett - good luck to you sir, keep your chin up, and know that personally I am with you 100%.


07-30-2008, 10:00 PM

Best of luck with your case and keep us informed. Keep on fighting the good fight!



08-17-2008, 10:39 PM
Best o' luck to ya Garrett.