View Full Version : Spikes lowers and drop free promags

07-18-2008, 7:46 AM
From the groupbuy for duracoated 10/20 promags, I learned that they would not drop free from my lowers. They would, however, drop free from other people's Spikes lowers. After pulling some information together and contacting Spikes, I have come upon the following conclusion:

Fire/Safe marked lowers are mil-spec from LAR and 10/20 promags DO NOT drop free
Bullet marked lowers are mil-spec from API and 10/20 promags DO drop free (based on reports from other people, not personal experience)

Is this consistent with those of you that have Spikes lowers and 10/20 promags?


07-18-2008, 8:30 AM
It happens some times.....It will get smoother with use.


My LWRC drops free fine with all mags. My Buddies LWRC had to be broke in for PMAGS.

My mega had to be broke in a bit for a few Pmags. His Mega never had any problem.

I have a CMMG that will do fine with all but 5 of my mags.

It happens.