View Full Version : Commercial Manufacturing 80% Receivers in CA

07-17-2008, 2:43 AM
Just wondering if there are any issues regarding 80% PARTS for a NON-AW rifle to be

1) Manufactured in CA
2)Sold/Distributed from within CA

First off - I dont know off any being manufactured here in CA
I know many dealers lawfully carry OLL, which will be intended end/final result of the parts.
Getting samples sent in to BATFE and getting them approved before commercial sale as 80% - will that help? What is the stance on CA DOJ?

Some conversations on these boards regarding this subject.

Yes, 80% is a good idea. I just purchased several lathes and milling machines. I might offer 80%(or less %) "metal blocks" for sale in the early 2009.

I read a letter on here some time back between a San Jose Lawyer and the CA DOJ that pretty much stated that you cannot even furnish a 80% part that can/may be assembled into an AW. I know this sounds weird, but thats what I read.

The letter also stated something to the effect that you cannot manufacture the same "for out of state sale only".

I am going to have to dig that letter up for the exact wording. Is there anymore clarification on that?

07-17-2008, 7:42 AM

I'd think there would be limited appeal, because the cost of the 80% lower is usually more than a complete dros'ed receiver. Add to that cost of drills, the big 'ol reamer and tap you need for the buffer hole, and the jig, and thats an expensive lower.
That said, I'd like to do one someday just for fun. Need to get ATF approval as a non-firearm though, so you don't end up in KT/Halo mfg trouble.