View Full Version : Question on the Magpul UBR

07-16-2008, 3:27 PM
For anyone whose got one of these ... does this stock have an adjustable cheek-piece; meaning can it be adjusted up and down for proper eye-relief with a scope?

Thanks - Corey

07-16-2008, 3:46 PM
It's not adjustable, but my pre-production sample came with two different cheekpieces, one fat, one skinny.

If you need an adjustable cheekpiece, that's the PRS.

07-16-2008, 4:05 PM

Thanks for the quick response. I've actually got a couple of PRS stocks, but was hoping the UBR had an adjustable cheek-piece as well as being collapsible. Oh well ... saves me from spending $300, I guess.

Thanks again - Corey