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07-15-2008, 5:18 PM
I just got my AK-47 and have since taken it to the range. She shoots fine and dandy but I realized the pinned magazine only holds 9 rounds. I know the legal limit is 10. Can I load the 10th round in the chamber (I hope I have the terminology right)?

To clarify, the magazine is pinned so I can't remove it and I have a bolt hold so I can load rounds through the breech, but the magazine holds only 9 rounds. So one would assume I can put the 10th round into the chamber?

I'm not entirely new to guns, but I really don't have a good grasp on all the terminology, thanks for helping out this semi-newb. :p

M. Sage
07-15-2008, 5:22 PM
You'll have trouble loading one in the chamber and 9 in the mag on a fixed-mag rifle. It will feed another round on top of the one already in the chamber.

A 10 round mag should hold 10 rounds, not 9. You're lucky, though. I've got ordered 10-round mags and had one or two that held 11. You should check that out before locking a mag to a rifle...

If you want to try another 10 round mag, just order one up, test the capacity, then remove all the "evil features" from your AK (it's so easy...), unlock the mag, swap 'em, lock the mag and reassemble.

I don't think 1 more round of capacity is make or break on a fixed-mag rifle, though... so you might want to just live with it.

If you do go that route, let me know if I can buy that 9-rounder off you (very) cheap. :D I need some cheap AK mags.

Oh, and I moved your thread to the rifle section. It sounds like an AK rifle question, so I put it here...

07-15-2008, 5:36 PM
Just make sure the 10(9) round magazine you have in the rifle doesn't contribute to your 922r parts count before swapping it out with another.

Unless it's a 10/30 that's been welded shut, you can also shave (a little at a time) some material from the bottom of the follower to allow the mag to accept 10 rounds. If you take too much off and reassemble the mag you could possibly be accused of manufacturing a high cap, so be careful.

07-17-2008, 9:01 AM
As far as I know, and by following the CA AW flowchart, my AK is still legal. Though I'm not sure if I have the minimum for USA parts. The magazine that's attached is a 10/20, or 9/20 really. I have a 10/30 that's... surprise! 9/30 also!

No, I'm not planning on selling the magazines, I might as well should hang on to them, might buy me some brownie points since they hold only 9 rounds instead of 10.