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07-14-2008, 7:28 PM

Looked far and wide for BLACK M93B's managed to get a few in but had to pay way more than I wanted to. This particular one was bought for $325.00 and is in New Condition just want to get what I paid for it. If sold on ebay this black one will definitely fetch more than what I am asking. Pictures will be posted later but as everything I sell online I stand by my product and the condition it is in.
If you want it Post I'll take it, and for good measure send an IM to me. Keep in mind that does not guarantee you are first because I will be posting this on other sites as well, please understand that when you are informed that you may not BE first and I reserve my rights.
MAGPUL BLACK UBR's are selling for approximately 255-300 depending on where you find them. Those will be more available in the market in the coming months. BLACK LIKE NEW M93B's will definitely not be more available so please consider. For slightly more you will get a stock design that is usable and very pleasing to the eye.

Always like Trades. Currently I am looking for
GLOCK 34 in good condition
Larue ACOG Mount


QUES. Where the hell did I find these? Well...for one thing I put WTB's at various sights and offers are sent to me. Plus at every gun show at every get together I ask around to find if someone has one. I love them for their great design. Some are more expensive some are cheaper but due to scarcity I try to buy all of them that are offered up to 350 dollars (the most expensive I bought) . I try to average out the costs. I keep the cheaper ones and get rid of the more expensive when I can find it for cheaper. Other colors are usually out there but not black, and as in good condition as this one I'm posting. Actually the owner had 3 of them. I am keeping one. Sold one to one of the owners of a great Gunshop we have in town whom I consider a friend and then there is this one. I have 6 builds now, and most of them have the M93 stock. This one rates a 9/10 for condition. The best I've seen in a long time. Better than the ones on my build (is that possible?) the person purchasing this will not be disappointed. As soon as camera comes back with the wife...I'll take pictures of this stock. If I don't sell this one...I don't mind because It will just go on another build....I have a mega lower waiting for it.

LOCATION ORANGE COUNTY....FTF available depending on my schedule. My business and family comes first, this is only a hobby. Selling items here on calguns is just a way to get to know some good folks.

07-14-2008, 7:53 PM
Just wondering where the HELL you found these at? Nice find

07-15-2008, 8:18 PM
24 hour bump. Reasonable trades and offers taken. If no interest Ebay awaits.

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I am so stoked on this. Oh ya.
Good guy!