View Full Version : My impulse buy today. Good choice or bust?

08-27-2015, 8:33 PM
I went with my buddy to pick up his SP-01 down at Discount Gun Mart in San Diego and while we were waiting I noticed that DGM had a sale on all in stock Daniel Defense rifles. All of them were 10% off.

I didn't do any research or read reviews of DD rifles but I've heard they're pretty good.

Needless to say, I bought a DDM4 v11. I said what the hell and started the 10-day wait.

I paid $1300 OTD for it. The only other AR I have is a M&P Sport.

Good impulse buy?


08-27-2015, 8:36 PM
Great impulse buy

08-27-2015, 8:36 PM
1300 otd is a great pric2

08-27-2015, 8:36 PM
👍🏻 Good choice!!!

08-27-2015, 8:41 PM
Hell yeah!

08-27-2015, 8:43 PM
wow 1300 OTD is an awesome pick up.

08-27-2015, 8:44 PM
Yes, very good impulse buy. Congrats, OP :thumbsup:

The Jack
08-27-2015, 8:45 PM
That's a great deal for a nice rifle!

08-27-2015, 8:45 PM

08-27-2015, 8:52 PM
Congrats! Enjoy and be safe. Can't go wrong with ( . )( . )

08-27-2015, 8:56 PM
I'd say you did a bad selection.....

but I would be lying.

Good stuff.

08-27-2015, 8:58 PM
Nice pick up. You got a good price on an awesome rifle.

08-27-2015, 9:07 PM
Good price & great gun. As above, can't go wrong with the double-D's

08-27-2015, 9:27 PM
Your sports going to get lonely.,,

08-27-2015, 9:28 PM
Cant go wrong with DD

08-27-2015, 9:47 PM
That's a sexy impulse buy

Damn True
08-27-2015, 9:56 PM
Not too shabby

08-27-2015, 10:12 PM
Great brand, great price :thumbsup:

08-28-2015, 1:40 AM
Picked up my dd about a month ago, same model but I went with the tornado grey version. Great rifle and 1300 otd is a great deal, I paid around 1900.

08-28-2015, 5:59 AM
Thanks everyone. I was having a little bit of buyers remorse but I feel like I got a great deal.

08-28-2015, 6:17 AM
Thats a good deal.
If you dont want it ill gladly give you $1200 for it. ;)

08-28-2015, 6:31 AM
Not bad, nice rifle

Bobby Ricigliano
08-28-2015, 6:34 AM
You have chosen.....
http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p568/bobby_ricigliano/Memes/55658_zpsgyszfy0n.jpg (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/bobby_ricigliano/media/Memes/55658_zpsgyszfy0n.jpg.html)


08-28-2015, 6:50 AM
Great AR and very good price...

08-28-2015, 7:02 AM
Great gun. Great price. Im sure you will feel the difference from your S&W

08-28-2015, 7:16 AM
Thanks everyone. I was having a little bit of buyers remorse but I feel like I got a great deal.

I always get buyers remorse initially...... Thats a hell of a price for a very nice rifle! Enjoy it!

08-28-2015, 7:17 AM

08-28-2015, 7:23 AM
As long as you're happy with it, great. For me, I'll never buy a build AR again. I can build exactly what I want the first time from scratch for less money.

08-28-2015, 7:44 AM
One of those, right place at the right time deals. You scored. No regrets. I was just looking at the upper on that one.

08-28-2015, 7:45 AM
Go buy a lottery ticket and see if your luck holds. Awesome find and price!:D

08-28-2015, 7:50 AM
Quality great looking rifle.

08-28-2015, 7:52 AM
Great rifle OP. An awesome price to boot.

08-28-2015, 8:14 AM
Horrible buy OP you should just give it to me so you will feel better :tt2:But seriously OP awesome buy I love my DD you will not be disappointed enjoy!!!!!

08-28-2015, 8:33 AM
what a steal at that price.....

Great gun too. your old rifle is about to be lonely

08-28-2015, 8:41 AM
I recently asked one of my Frogman friends what kind of rifle he was using these days and he said " My work rifle is all Daniel Defense"
So you did pretty good.

08-28-2015, 8:41 AM
Good buy! Grab plenty of ammo while it's avail. at decent prices. Pick it up & go shoot it!

08-28-2015, 8:43 AM
The fact is that the AR market is flooded right now so, super sale prices are not that uncommon.

08-28-2015, 9:07 AM
It's still $1800 OTD here in NorCal!!! :(

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08-28-2015, 9:58 AM

Click Boom
08-28-2015, 11:51 AM
Good pickup, I highly recommend the DD fixed sightd! Especially the front (and maybe a folding rear) if you're going with a magnified optic.

I think DD is one of the few high end manufacturers that's worth it, that don't just aggregate parts from common supply because they make most all their stuff in house IIRC

08-28-2015, 1:12 PM
Wow, even cheaper than Turners (Saw they had some sale last week)......Drooling now.

08-28-2015, 2:36 PM
Great choice ! I have been running Daniel Defense parts for a while now and their quality cannot be denied.

Click Boom
08-28-2015, 3:12 PM
Thou shalt now order these irons:
For there art no holier rail mounted irons, short of the blessed tabernacle of KACdom.

If thou shalt mix Kac rear with DD front, ye shall be elevated to nirvana.

Plant an alg seed in the belly of the blessed boomstick if ye hath received a gritty DD fcg.

08-28-2015, 3:22 PM
I love DD products. A high quality company that has a great reputation among people that know.

You're gonna love how it shoots. Start stacking up ammo now. :D

Be well

08-28-2015, 3:26 PM
Very well done and a great price. Congrats.

major burnout
08-28-2015, 4:40 PM
Cant wait for the range report!

08-28-2015, 5:41 PM
Thanks everyone! I definitely have made a good decision.

Although, I hate the DD stock.

08-28-2015, 6:16 PM
They are really nice rifles but when you pick it up, go over it with a fine toothed comb. Have a friend in Arizona who bought one and had to send it back to DD four times to get all of the little manufacturing defects taken care of. He said their customer service was great, but I don't like buying a new gun and right out of the box, it has issues. I have heard nothing else but high praise for DD so I think they are great rifles, just wanted to relate my friend's experience. He sold it a week after he got it back for the fourth repair, but he used the money from selling it to buy an SBR version of a DD rifle, which he is in love with. All I can say is that I bought a Windham Weaponry SRC, which I would classify as a couple notches down from DD in build quality and brand prestige and it has 3k rounds down over a couple of years with no issues, not one FTF/FTE, it runs like a top, is accurate and a great rifle, especially for the $720.00 I paid for it new. Go over it carefully and make sure everything is GTG on it.

08-28-2015, 6:36 PM
looks good

08-28-2015, 8:59 PM
Thanks everyone! I definitely have made a good decision.

Although, I hate the DD stock.

I would tend to agree with you on their stock. I did shoot one just today though and will say it was very comfortable and functional. Maybe give it a try for a bit before replacing it.

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08-28-2015, 9:27 PM
great buy!

08-28-2015, 9:37 PM
Would be better if you also snagged a sp01 for $590

08-28-2015, 10:03 PM
Excellent buy!! Congrats OP.. I just picked up the 14.5 version of it and paid $1450 before taxes and that was after shopping around everywhere local and online.

08-29-2015, 5:30 PM
I don't need another rifle, but I probably would have bought that anyway. Great deal!

08-29-2015, 6:50 PM
nice pick up! im contemplating on picking this up or building one!

good choice!

08-29-2015, 6:51 PM
Awesome rifle and great deal! Congrats OP!

08-29-2015, 6:53 PM
M&P Sport to hit the Marketplace soon, good buy!

08-29-2015, 11:59 PM
That's a good buy, that sounds like a 2010 -11 price. Labor Day sales coming up you could probably score on a dot. Or what ever else you like.

09-12-2015, 9:12 PM
1300 isnt bad, did that include tax and transfer?

09-12-2015, 9:33 PM
Let's see...top tier rifle at a great price? Yea...you did go OP. That's a gun you can hand down to your son one day if you take care of it. Congrats!

09-17-2015, 9:08 PM
DGM will have all in stock DD rifles on sale during the month of October, prices will be too low to print due to DD MAP rules. We have a good stockpile to run this sale...

09-18-2015, 1:37 AM
That was an absolute steal. I wish I could find stuff like that.