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Posted on Sun, Jul. 13, 2008
Modesto man killed in skeet shooting accident
By EMILIE RAGUSOeraguso@modbee.com

A 71-year-old man died Sunday morning at the Old Fishermen's Club of Modesto when a member of his skeet shooting group accidentally shot him in the head, authorities reported.

The man has been identified by the Stanislaus County coroner's office as William Herrmann of Modesto. He was pronounced dead just after 11 a.m. Sunday.

The club, at 10800 Maze Blvd., is about nine miles west of Modesto on the San Joaquin River.

A group of club members had gone out for skeet shooting, said Lt. Mario Cisneros of the Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department. It was about 9:30 a.m.

"A few of them were near their vehicles," he said. "One of the gentlemen accidentally touched his trigger and discharged his weapon."

The shooter's gun happened to be pointing toward people a few feet away, Cisneros said. He hit Herrmann in the head.

The victim was taken to a hospital by helicopter, Cisneros said.

No information was available about the shooter, Cisneros said, and no one will be arrested.

"This was truly an accident," he added.

Phil Brugger of Modesto, a past president of the Old Fishermen's Club, said he had heard of no other injuries or deaths at the club since it was established in 1920. Brugger is on the club's board of directors.

Brugger said he did not know Herrmann, who was not a club member. The shooter was a club member, he said. His name has not been released.

"I know him to be a very capable gentleman," Brugger said. "I'm sure the man is absolutely devastated."

The shooter has managed and run the club's skeet range for years, Brugger said.

The only place weapons are allowed at the club are at its trap and skeet ranges, he said. Hunting and other target practice are not allowed at the club. Shotguns are the only weapons allowed on its grounds.

The organization promotes sportsmanship, preservation of the environment and social activities for its nearly 800 members, all of whom are men, Brugger said.

"It's extremely sad when we lose someone. It's horrible," he said. "I'm still in a state of shock."

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duplicate. Someone beat you to it:


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[url]The shooter's gun happened to be pointing toward people a few feet away, Cisneros said.

All it takes is that one time. Thats tragic and there's a reason why everyone learns the biggest safety rule is always keeping your firearm pointed in a safe direction loaded or not.

07-14-2008, 4:58 PM
My guns STAY unloaded until Im out of the truck the gun is in my hand then I load it and go hunting if Im at the range the gun doesnt get loaded UNTIL im on the firing line. Accidents happen but this is just plain sad.
This again proves no matter how long someone is around guns we can all become complacent and do somethign that hurts or kills someone