View Full Version : BP/CF GUNS, GUNPARTS, GUNSMITH Items For Sale

07-11-2008, 6:54 PM
One NEW OLYMPIC ARMs 7mm 1 X 9” twist, 4 groove, Sporter contour, SSTL, 27” long Barrel blank, $125 shipped

One NEW Remington 700 Take off barrel in .243 Winchester, Sporter weight, matt finish. $65 shipped

One AS NEW Remington 700 Take off barrel in .3006, Sporter weight, matt finish. $55 shipped

Zouave 58 cal two band with 3 leaf sight and brass furniture and patch box, made by FIE/Italy, Wood is 95%, metal is 98%, barrel is excellent/no rust and has high square front sight, has black leather sling “as new” Barrel and lock have been glass bedded and has a trigger job breaking at 3 lbs. Has extra nipple. $250 shipped

Lee .58 cal oversize BP mold .58 Cal.Oversize .578-478M $20 shipped
Navy Arms 1863 with excellent bore, Recrowned barrel, bedded lock and barrel/tang area, reworked tuned lock for 3 lb let-off, bore is excellent. $375 shipped

Japanese Type 1 Rifle, All matching P. Beretta #’s with a very good bore and it is a great shooter. 90% blue with balance browning, 90% unsanded original wood finish with usual dings and small dents (no cracks) , butt stock shrinkage in heel joint, original brass tipped cleaning rod, and repro sling. $325 shipped

.410 Ga Chamber Gages, Go and No Go gages, appear new $40 shipped
Scherr Tumico #1-1585 Telescoping ID bore gage1-5” $55 shipped
Brown and Sharp 0-6” Depth Micrometer excellent condition. $85 shipped

Pietta .36 cal revolver w/western holster good condition . $130 shipped
FAL Trilux L2A2 4X scope in vg+ condition, lens are clean and scratch free, It has sightunit infantry Trilux L2A2 1249-99-964-7647 in English on a side plate. $190 shipped
Remington SA factory stock, black pebble w/grey panel inserts, As new $85 shipped
Lyman .58 Minie bullet mold #578675AV and two base plugs, w/handles $85 shipped