View Full Version : Fiber Rod installation tips?

07-10-2008, 3:59 PM
I have a speed shooters specialties front FO site and the rod broke/fell out and I got some new rods sent to me. I'm now wondering what the heck I gotta do to get them installed and to stay put.

I was thinking of super gluing them, or perhaps using a solder iron to round the edges after fitting it in the sight.

Anyone ever done this?

What Just Happened?
07-10-2008, 4:02 PM
Heat the ends up. Via soldering iron, hair dryer, or something to make the ends melt and flatten out.

07-10-2008, 4:04 PM
http://www.dawsonprecision.com/images/Instructions/OpticInsertInstall.jpghere you go...

07-10-2008, 4:13 PM
Finger nail clippers work good for cutting the fiber optic rod. I also use a BBQ starter wand turned down low to melt the end. Mark

07-10-2008, 4:29 PM
yup, i just used a bic lighter to do my FO rods... works great.

07-11-2008, 9:36 AM
Wow, thanks guys! That's just what I was looking for. Glad I didn't superglue them into place!

07-11-2008, 10:06 AM
I hope you got the right size...

07-11-2008, 1:01 PM
Yep, speed shooters sent them to me for free since it was from their site. And we got the proper size.

THe real problem is in picking which color I want for my CCW class tomorrow!! Should I do green..or red??? WIsh I could put both in there!!

07-11-2008, 1:47 PM
i had the same problem as well... just do some drills at home to see which one you pick up quicker. for me it was the green insert so that's what i went with. and there should be enough rod left over for 2 or 3 replacements should you change your mind.