View Full Version : Storage of the 590 HEHEHE (question)

07-10-2008, 1:34 PM
i have a question about proper stoarge of the mossberg 590.
this is from "Unloading" section the instruction manual :

*Move the safety button fully rearward to the “ON” (SAFE) position and keep the muzzle
pointed in a safe direction while unloading the firearm.
Depress the action lock lever (Fig. 3) and pull the forearm rearward, slowly, until the live shotshell
is completely withdrawn and visible in the ejection port. Remove shotshell by hand.
Continue pulling the forearm rearward to release the next shotshell onto the elevator.
*Turn the shotgun so that the ejection port faces downward to allow the released shotshell to drop
out through the ejection port.
Push the forearm completely forward, closing the bolt without a shell being chambered.
Turn the shotgun over so that the trigger guard is positioned upward and the shotgun
remains pointed in a safe direction.
Insert your right thumb into the opening in the bottom of the receiver and depress the cartridge
stop on the right side to release shotshells one at a time (Fig. 9). Repeat until all shotshells are
removed from the magazine tube.
*Depress the action lock lever and pull the forearm completely rearward. Visually and
physically inspect chamber, elevator and magazine tube to be certain the shotgun is
completely unloaded.
Leave the action in the open, rearward position and the safety button fully rearward in the “ON”
(SAFE) position.

does this mean the shotgun must be stored with the forearm in the rearward position?
IF NOT, then... must the shotgun be stored cocked? or?

07-10-2008, 2:31 PM
That is Mossberg's lawyer version of gun safety. If it were me, I would probably keep it cocked and loaded, with the "safety" on.

07-10-2008, 2:56 PM
Cruiser ready is a bit safer, rember SGs and rifles are more prone to ADs from being banged around unlike a pistol. Keep the tube fully loaded, check that chamber is empty, disengage saftey and dry fire. Now all you need to do is rack the slide, no need to press buttons.