View Full Version : Kudos to Addax

07-08-2008, 10:09 AM
What a great bunch of guys. Great and fast customer service on a personal level. Called them up and wanted to get couple of things from them. They quickly set up my account with the calguns discount, took in my order and were even willing to accomodate my Saturday pickup. Tough I couldn't go to SoCal for pickup, they quickly shipped the item to me.

Interestingly enough I found them through Google when I was looking for 10/30 mags in 5.45x39, so they did not even have to give me the Calguns discount, but they asked if I'm a member and the discount was applied.

Oh did I tell that they are the only ones who carry 10/30 mags in 5.45x39 in polymer? Good luck finding it elswere.

Great job guys