View Full Version : Picking up a used Benelli M1 Super 90, what are maintenance items?

07-05-2008, 3:14 PM
Picking up a M1 Super 90 pretty soon from my FFL and I don't know for sure how many rounds it has through it. It looks to be in great condition but it is a fairly old shotgun.

Which springs should I be replacing? I think there's a recoil spring, a magazine spring, and a hammer spring. Should I replace all 3? Any other wear items I should look into?

07-05-2008, 4:04 PM
It is highly unlikely that you will need to be replacing any springs.
But if it makes you more secure in the longevity of your firearm, go right ahead... I suppose eventually you will have to. I have several M1s90s, all used except for one. None ever required a spring change.

07-05-2008, 4:53 PM
Just clean it and shoot!

07-05-2008, 4:58 PM
Here's what I would do. Remove the recoil spring Benellis can get moisture in the recoil tube and rust. If you don't know where it has been used it's worth a check. You might need some heat to remove the end cap no big deal whip out the propane torch and you are good to go. The nuts are metric I think it's a 13mm to remove the stock. Replace the recoil spring with a spring from an M2 if you need to change it. Inspect the firing pin they can peen over, replace the firing pin spring, inspect the rubber doughnut that holds the firing pin retainer in they can and do wear out. Clean the mag tube(s). If your last shell or two doesn't chamber lays on the carrier you need to replace the mag spring. The firing pin is about 25 bucks the other parts are about 5 to ten bucks.

If the gun is as old as you say it is you might be able to ghost load one on the shell lifter too. There is a bit of a trick to doing that so find somebody who knows how and have them show you.

Good luck