View Full Version : Turner's Sale - What do you think?

07-03-2008, 8:28 PM
Turner's is running their weekly special and they're advertising a Sig220 Combat for $899.00. Is that a good price? How about the HK for $769? Thanks.


07-03-2008, 8:34 PM
Both are OK prices...make sure those are the versions you REALLY want. I don't really like those grips on the P220 and prefer lefty controls on the USP.

Black Majik
07-03-2008, 10:53 PM
The price for the USP45 is actually pretty good for a retail store. I seem to remember their sale price used to be $799, so this sale price is a nice improvement.

The USP .45 will always cost more than the .40 and 9mm variants.

07-03-2008, 11:00 PM
Ade's has the P220 Combat for $835 normally.

07-03-2008, 11:58 PM
The price on the HK is pretty good. Not too familiar with the price on the 220 Combat, so i can't help you there. Both teh 220 and usp are great guns. usp is gonna be lighter and has the addition of the manual safety. The trigger in the sig however will feel 123401982561293749 times better than the usp's IMHO.

Rule .308
07-04-2008, 6:38 AM
I think that you should get ahold of your local FFL and see if they can match or beat that price. Support your local guy, Turner's blows.

07-04-2008, 6:42 AM
Thanks for the info and advise...much appreciated. I've never been to Ade's but will try to get over there this week. Thanks again.

07-04-2008, 7:27 AM
That is a great price for the USP. It is even hard to find a Used USP .45 for that price.

07-04-2008, 8:16 AM
I picked up the USP .45 last time it went on sale. That is a very good price for that pistol. You may be able to find it online for a few bucks cheaper, but after all the fees, there really is no advantage.

07-04-2008, 8:20 AM
Both are OK prices...make sure those are the versions you REALLY want. I don't really like those grips on the P220 and prefer lefty controls on the USP.

Well the Sig comes with 2 sets of grips, black and dark earth. The USP is gonna be hard to find set up for lefty new, but since that's your preference, probably not gonna matter to the OP.

07-04-2008, 8:28 AM
don't buy a gun from turners unless you're ready to dish out 4 hours for paperwork processing. Turners is the essence of stupidity and over redundant paperwork.

07-04-2008, 8:49 AM
Pass...get a Glock.

07-04-2008, 8:57 AM
If I recall correctly, Turner's ran the standard USP in .45 with night-sights for $749 all through 2007.

A USP I would buy new. A SIG I would buy used. It just seems that SIG owners take care of their guns better than USP owners, as are indications from those showing up on the used market that I've seen. It seems to me that USP owners view their gun as more utilitarian, and often beat the crap out of them with little attention to cleaning, where SIG owners tend to hover on a slightly higher plane of affection for the gun itself, viewing them as fine machinery, even akin to artwork; inadvertently, the mental mind-set and care of each is the side-effect. I am not saying one is better than the other, as that is a stupid argument; both have excellent attributes, both are great guns. Personally, I don't treat either my SIGs or my USPs any different.