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07-01-2008, 9:09 AM
I recently visited some family in Canada and my Uncle is the president of his local shotgun club. I shot trap, skeet, and 5 stand with a lot of enthusiasm, but very little success, lol.

Spent the better part of a day doing it and it was the highlight of the trip for me.

Can someone please answer a few questions for me?

Can someone please list some local gun clubs (to Long Beach, CA.) that offer the above games?

Does someone know how to go about finding an affordable shotgun, which would be my first gun purchase of any kind?

Would I be better served to borrow a gun or rent a gun starting out at the range? Do they even rent out guns?

Any tips on starting from scratch?

Really want to continue to shoot for fun.


What Just Happened?
07-01-2008, 9:48 AM
Prado (http://www.shootprado.com/) and Raahauge's (http://www.raahauges.com/) have the sports you're looking for.

I'm not a shotgunner, so I can't really help you out with the other questions.

07-01-2008, 10:28 AM
LOTS of options out there. I'm a pump action, Mossberg kinda guy...but that's like asking what car you drive. Doesn't matter. Find one that is aesthetically pleasing, one that feels good in your hands, one that you can afford.

I'm sure if you go to the local ranges there will be some sort of class or instruction or something available. Go to local gun stores and ask around, talk to the clerks and see where they lead you!

07-01-2008, 10:55 AM
Triple B clays is the best there is near you. I go there and its a very clean, big, and professional place to bust some clays. It is located at where the 60 and 605 freeways meet, near Legg Lake(Whittier Narrows Recreation Area). They have a friendly, attentive, customer orientated staff and not to mention one of the best pro shops I have EVER seen.

Wesite: http://triplebclays.com/
Location: 831 North Rosemead Boulevard South El Monte, CA 91733

Nate Haler
07-01-2008, 12:04 PM
Does someone know how to go about finding an affordable shotgun, which would be my first gun purchase of any kind?

Would I be better served to borrow a gun or rent a gun starting out at the range? Do they even rent out guns?

Any tips on starting from scratch?

I strongly recommend a Remington 870 Express for a first shotgun purchase. Get it with the hardwood stock, NOT the black plastic. Get it in 12 ga wtih a 28" bbl.

You should be able to find one, new, at a larger retailer for $299 or maybe a bit less if you shop around.

The main thing with any shotgun that you'll hold in the traditional manner, i.e. against your face while shooting aerial targets, is FIT.

Presuming the 870 fits you well enough, you'll enjoy the recoil dampening properties of the wood vs. plastic, and the steel receiver won't transfer as much recoil impulse as alloy does to the face. In my experience. :)

07-01-2008, 8:41 PM
Drop me a line, we'll break some clay.

Sporting Clays in the Los Angeles area:

Say what you want about So. Cal. We’ve got restrictive gun laws, we’ve got earthquakes, we’ve got wildfires, we’ve got mud slides, we’ve even got “The Terminator” for our governor, but we do have 4 Sporting Clays ranges in the Los Angeles area.

Each of them holds their monthly shoot on a different weekend. Each of them has something different to offer and all are fun to shoot.

Triple B Clays is located in El Monte off of the 60 near the 605. It’s a 24 station flat course in a heavily treed setting. Most of their stations have 3 trap machines and an “A” & “B” shooting position. Their monthly shoot is on the first Sunday of the month. http://www.triplebclays.com

Raahauge’s is located in Corona off of the 91 between the 71 and the 15. A semi-flat course set in the Prado flood plane. They have 16 stations. Their monthly shoot is on the second Sunday of the month. http://www.raahauges.com/

Moore-N-Moore is located in San Fernando off of the 210 near the 5. It’s a great course with hills and valleys in the San Gabriel Mtn foothills. They have 12 stations, 10 of them have “A” & “B” shooting positions. They have the best “fun shoot” lunch anywhere and they really are “The friendliest range in southern California”. They hold their monthly shoot on the third Saturday of the month. http://www.moorenmoore.com

Oak Tree is located in Newhall off of the 5 near the 14. They have some of the most spectacular views on a sporting clays course anywhere. http://www.oaktreegunclub.com/ (Call before going)

Prado Olympic is located in Chino off of the 71 near the 91. They offer trap, skeet & 5-stand. http://www.shootprado.com/

All of these places offer public shooting so don’t wait until they hold their monthly shoots. Contact the clubs directly for more information.

If you live in Los Angeles and you can’t find a place to shoot, you’re not looking hard enough.

Here’s a link to my website. I’ve got pictures & reviews of the clubs:


07-01-2008, 10:40 PM
I go to triple-b's at least 3-4 times a month and can't recomend it strongly enough! From Long Beach it's a straight shot up the 605 to 60.

Very friendly and fun place.

PM me if you'd like to be invited along the next time we go. I've got a spare gun you can borrow (12ga, remington 870, 28" barrel).

We have a good group that gets together, has fun, and gets along real well.