View Full Version : Range Report, GREAT gun, BAD ammo

06-27-2008, 7:08 PM
Hit the range today after work, actually cut out of work early to do it...man that was nice!

Brought along the trusty K38 and the 586 because they begged me to take them. Much fun was had with both.

The main reason for going was to break in my brand new 432PD.

Yikes! What an awesome revolver!!! I could go on and on about how nice and smooth and accurate and comfortable and so on and so on it is but I won't bore you. The gun kicks some serious ***.

So I brought three types of ammo for the 432.

#1. Magtech 32 Magnum Jacketed Hollowpoint performed absolutely 100% flawlessly. Accurate as all get out. Nice loud report but not horrifically loud. Good recoil, enough to let you know it's a magnum but not enough to effect accuracy.

#2. Federal 32 S&W Long Semi Jacketed Hollowpoint performed equally as flawless as the Magtech magnums. Only difference being a tad bit less recoil and noise. This amount of recoil I found to be PERFECT for the gun making re-aquiring the target as slick as snot on a doorknob. Another plus is it's cheaper than the magnum ammo!

#3. HUGE DISSAPOINTMENT. Aguila 98 grain Lead Round Nose .32 S&W Long. I pulled the trigger on a grand total of 200 rounds of this crap today and get this.....38 of them failed to fire!!!!!!! I've never heard of such disgusting results in factory ammunition...never! The problem seemed to be in the primer cup placement. All of the rounds that did not fire had extremely weak firing pin strike marks. Upon very close examination it was clearly evident that there were two main causes. Of the 38 failed rounds 17 of them had the primer cup installed too deep into the case which made the gap from primer to firing pin too much. The other 21 failed rounds had the primer cups installed in a way that they were slanted in the case. One edge of the cup was at the same level as the bottom of the case when the other edge of the cup was well below. Again, this made it so the firing pin couldn't make a solid strike on the primer.

I will absolutely never buy any centerfire ammunition made by this company again.

I've heard their .22 rimfire stuff is great and I was given a load of it so I'll try it out. Hopefully they are better at making rimfire south of the border than they are at making centerfire.