View Full Version : Para LDA hi-cap aftermarket parts??

06-25-2008, 12:45 PM
Hello fellow calgunners.

I just picked up my new Para LDA last night, and after careful thought (and soon to be fired today at the range :)), i decided i need a little more added to it..

This is my new baby http://www.para-usa.com/new/product_pistol.php?id=26

I want installed...

-Ambi-safety (wide-thumb ambi-safety, the one on it right now is too slim and the slide 'slides', or will slide, against my thumb when i shoot it)<-- FYI: I rest my thumb on the thumb safety while shooting :p

-aftermarket grip safety

The reason i ask is because this is a 'hi-cap' frame (the grip is wider to accept double-stack magazines), and i dont know if standard 1911 aftermarket parts will fit.

Does anyone own, or know for sure what parts will fit (if different from standard single stack 1911's)?