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Vu 308
06-23-2008, 3:01 PM
Saturday August 30th and Sunday August 31st
Sacramento Valley Shooting Center – www.sacvalley.org
15501 Meiss Road
Sloughhouse, CA 95683
GPS Coordinates: N38 25.642 W121 03.265


All competitors,

We will have a 2 FULL days of shooting and our crew is ready to do our best to make sure everything is done in a timely manner so we meet our deadlines. What we will need from all competitors is your cooperation with being ready to shoot when it is your turn on the line.

Everyone will be assigned a squad and position number in which everyone will shoot in a specific order on every stage. This will help keep things organized and help us manage the match in the most proficient way possible. We will need everyone to be on time or early in the AM for check in and safety briefs. If you are not present during the safety brief you will not be allowed to shoot.

We thank you all in advance for your cooperation with this effort.

Saturday – August 30th
0700 – 0730 Sign In (please sign in as soon as you get onsite)
0730 – 0800 Shooter’s meeting and safety brief and split up into Alpha & Bravo squads.
0845 – First rounds go down range. We will push hard through out the day so that we finish all courses of fire by 1530 hours
1530 – Meet back at the staging area for catered BBQ
Sunday – August 31st
0700 – 0730 Sign In (please sign in as soon as you get onsite)
0730 – 0800 Squads will report to assigned bays
0815 – 1530 Shoot the days COF
1530- 1630 Final Scoring and protest time
1630 – 1730 Award Ceremony

Directions (do not use map quest or yahoo maps)
Coming from Highway 50 East

Exit Sunrise Blvd, make a RIGHT.

Travel south on Sunrise Blvd for 7.1 miles.

Make a LEFT at stop light once you see a sign stating Jackson is 33miles away.
Once you make the left turn you will be on CA-16 East.

Travel 10.6 Miles on CA-16 East to Ione Rd. and make a Right.
(Once you pass a Chevron/Burger King on the right it is only 3.2 miles to Ione Rd.)

Travel 3.8 miles down Ione Rd. and make a RIGHT on Miess Rd. which leads to the entrance to Sac Valley Shooting Center.

Go down Miess Rd. and make a RIGHT into the range where you see the pavement end.

Drive into the range till you hit a “T” in the road that points you to the range house. Make a RIGHT. Travel down the dirt road about ½ mile till you see a red metal building. That will be our staging/parking area.

For Directions coming from other areas please go to the link below.


Onsite Camping
We do have onsite camping available for 5.00 per night/per rig. It must be self contained camping. Tents are not allowed due to possible snake problems. Gates to the range close at 5pm sharp.

There are plenty of hotels in the city of Rancho Cordova. Below are a few that other shooters from out of the area have recommended. Expect a 40 minute drive in the AM from the hotel to the range.

Hawthorne Suites: 916-351-9192
Best Western (Rancho Cordova): 916-635-4040 / 1-800-641-1076
Red Roof Inn (Rancho Cordova) 916-638-25001
Marriott (Rancho Cordova) 916-638-1100
Hampton Inn (Rancho Cordova) 916-638-4800

Sacramento International Airport will be your best bet. Rancho Cordova is about 40 minutes from there.

Equipment Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

I. Bolt Rifle (6mm to 30cal) Velocity is limited to 3100FPS.
Velocities may be verified by chronograph at any time. Trigger pull weight will be no lighter than 2.0lbs. We reserve the right to check velocities and trigger pull weight at any given time during this 2 day event.

II. Ammo – 80 rounds on you per day. 160 rounds total.

III. Hearing protection, Eye Protection. Empty Chamber Flag
(Electronic amplifying models strongly suggested i.e. Peltor TAC 6 or 7)

IV. Tools to run your gun/optics
(We want to minimize delays as much as possible)

V. Hydration Unit of some sort. (We will supply liquids.)

VI. Note taking gear. (Attention to detail will earn you points)

VII. Some sort of pack to carry all your equipment/gear in.

VIII. Shooters may use any other accessory as long as it is carried through the duration of the match. RO (s) may decline the use of a piece of kit if they feel that it compromises the purpose of the Course of Fire. Certain stages will have restrictions on the type of gear you can use.

IX. Competitors must finish with the same rifle he or she started with at the beginning of the match. You may not switch rifles during this competition.

X. Pack wisely since all gear will need to be with you on the firing line at all times, but will not be required to be carried during a COF. Once our day has started no one will be allowed to go back to their vehicles.

Competition and Range Rules

Range Rules

I. Shooters and observers must attend safety brief and sign range release forms.

II. We run a COLD range. No loaded firearms off the firing line at any time.

III. Mandatory eye and ear protection on the firing line and in the pits for competitors and spectators.

IV. Maintain muzzle control at all times. Rifles will be slung muzzle up or down with empty chamber flags inserted. ALL magazines (even empty ones) must be removed from your rifle. Your muzzle will NOT cover any part of your body or anyone else’s body.

V. A negligent discharge (ND) of a firearm will result in immediate removal from the competition. The stage RO may call an ND using his own judgment. Example: If the competitor was clearly not engaging a target. Firing before the start signal will be considered an ND.

VI. No person shall consume or be under the influence of alcohol or drugs during the match. Any person found to be impaired and unsafe as a result of legitimate prescription drugs may be directed to stop shooting and requested to leave the range.

VII. RO(s) are very reasonable & fair but their word is final. NO WHINING!
This year we will have a special award for the biggest whiner.

During competition

I. NO ONE will touch another’s competitor’s rifle or equipment without their permission. If someone is caught tampering with anyone else’s equipment that person will be asked to leave immediately.

II. FRING BEFORE THE START SIGNAL is a NO GO. The competitor(s) will receive a 0 for the stage. NO EXCUSES. If you chose to fire because the competitor next to you fires before the start signal you will be penalized also. This will also be the competitor(s) only and last warning. If it happens again he or she will be asked to leave. We will re-do the stage for shooters that did not fire before the start signal.

III. Firing AFTER the CEASE FIRE signal is a NO GO. If an RO feels that a competitor fires a round after the allotted time the competitor will receive a 0 for that stage.

IV. There will be certain stages where competitors will be scoring for other competitors. If it can be proven that someone is tampering with the scoring they will be disqualified from the competition and asked to leave immediately.

V. If a Course of Fire requires more than 5 rounds a competitor with a magazine system greater than 5 rounds is required to perform 1 magazine change. It is up to the competitor to remember this rule and if a competitor fails to perform a required reload he or she will ZERO the stage.

VI. Bottom line is: NO CHEATING, NO GAMING, NO WHINING. Violation of any of the rules listed above could and may result in a 0 for the stage or removal from the competition. This is up to the discretion of the match directors and staff.

In the event of a tie in overall score we will use X count on the 1K range COF to break the tie. If there is an overall score tie and X Count tie we will use one of our timed events to break the tie. Person with the fastest time on that particular event will be the winner.

1000yd Range:

Competitors will be keeping scores for one another on the 1K range portion of this event. Please be kind to your fellow shooter and give them good pit service so that they can give you good pit service when it is your turn to shoot. We will do our best to simplify this process as much as possible.

Steel Range:

This portion of the event will use hit or miss scoring. Either you get the points or you don’t. We will have multiple spotters to ensure we do not miss anyone’s hit on a target. There will also be one person just keeping track of hits being called out. Only hits will be called out so that the score keeper can just keep track of what you hit. That being said, we are all human. If there is a mistake made and a spotter does not catch a hit on steel we will do our best to correct it. However our spotters and RO(s) have final say. After each stage the score keeper will tell you how many hits you have.

Vu 308
06-23-2008, 3:02 PM
FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When can we zero our rifles?
A. Friday, August 29th. Just check in at the range house and tell them you will be shooting our match. There is a public 100yard and 300yard range available. Our setup crew will be there most of the day so feel free to swing by and say hello.

Q. Why is there a 2.0lbs trigger pull limit?
A. Without going into a long debate about this we will just say it is our house/event, our rules.

Q. Is there a limit on how many shooters can shoot?
A. Yes, we are going to limit this shoot to 50 shooters to ensure stage quality and schedule goals are met.

Q. Is this a physically demanding competition?
A. Yes and No. There will be some physical challenges and obstacles that competitors must over come. Have good foot wear and be prepared to move with rifle and gear. You will be required to move from one firing line to the next on the 1K range. There will be a short jog from the 600yard line to 800yard line. Total movement will be around 1.5 KM on the 1000yard range. Pack wisely.

Q. What is the round count?
A. 160 rounds total for both days. Have 80 rounds on you for each day of shooting. If you need to have ammo shipped in please feel free to contact vu@ncpprc.com for details.

Q. What type of targets will we be shooting?
A. Targets will range from static paper targets, clays, and reactive/non-reactive steel.

Q. What ranges will be shooting at?
A. 25 yards to 1000 yards

Q. Are laser range finders allowed?
A. Yes, however some stages will be setup so that LRF is not permitted.

Q. What is the climate and weather like at Sac Valley Shooter Center in August?
A. SVSC is at 250ft ASL and research shows that it should be high 90s for a high and mid 60s as a low. We will shoot rain or shine so please come prepared.

Q. Is there a limit on rifle caliber?
A. Yes, a minimum of 6mm/243 cal to 30 cal maximum only. All calibers are limited to 3100FPS. RO may verify this at any time by chronograph. No steel core, FMJ or AP rounds allowed. Velocity may be checked at any time by RO (s).

Q. Is there a magazine limit?
A. No, but there may be mandatory reloads during certain courses of fire. Example: any stage that requires a shooter to fire more than 5 rounds will require a magazine change.

Q. Are muzzle brakes allowed?
A. Yes, they are, however competitors are responsible for providing a shooting mat of some sort for debris. If you do not carry a mat to limit debris and dust you will not be allowed to shoot the stage or points will be deducted.

Q. Is there lost brass during the match?
A. No extra time will be allotted to pick up brass, and any brass left on the range will be disposed of by the match staff. Shooters can spend time "on the clock" while running the stage salvaging brass if they wish.

Q. Will there be food available onsite?
A. Plan to bring whatever food you need to the SVSC site. There will probably not be food vendors on-site. We will be having a catered lunch on Saturday after all the shooting is completed.

Q. Is there a lunch time provided?
A. We do not have a lunch time scheduled. You may chow in between stages when it is not your turn to shoot.

Q. If I am coming from out of state is there a place where I can ship my ammo to?
A. Yes, please email the match director at vu@ncpprc.com for details.

Q. Are suppressors allowed?
A. No, this is California folks.

Q. Can you switch rifles during the match?
A. No. If your rifle goes down you will be out of the competition.

Q. Can I get a refund if I cancel?
A. Yes if you cancel before our drop dead date of May 31st 2008. If you cancel after the drop dead date there will be no refund given. There will be no exceptions. We will fill a spot with a shooter on the standby list.

Q. Will there be liquids provided?
A. Yes, we will make sure everyone will be able to stay hydrated. Last year we had a truck load of water, Gatorade and Propel.

Q. Is there shade out there?
A. Yes, most of our firing lines have coverings so competitors can stay as cool as possible. However whiling shooting on the 1K range there will not be any shade.

Q. Will there be restrooms available on the ranges?
A. Yes, we will have porta-potties in our staging area and on the 1K range. There are flush toilets by our 200yard bay and steel range.

Q. How are prizes awarded at your event?
A. There will trophies given out to 1st through 3rd. The prizes will be awarded by placement. We will go in order from 1st through 50th for the first round. After all competitors get their pick at the prize table our range crew will get a go at the table for all their hard work.
(Match Directors are excluded from this) If there is anything left we will go to a raffle system.

If there are any more questions please email Vu Pham – Match Director at vu@ncpprc.com or call 916-320-3700 after 6pm PST.

Vu 308
06-23-2008, 3:03 PM
Roster is completely full with 50 shooters at this time.

Alvi, Jake
Archuleta, Mark
Bacon, Adam
Bailey, Brian
Boak, Jason
Bowen, Jerry
Bynum, Jacob
Bynum, Lisa
Chan, Jason
Cochran, Scott
Cooper, Lonnie
Cruz, Vincent
Current, Cheryl
Current, Rod
Davis, Davis
Ducos, Joe
Erikson, Jim
Hellmer, Werner
Hernandez, Joe
Herring, Erik
Kerley, David
Kerr, Ryan
Kirkpatrick, John
Koeng, Craig
Lorenzo, Dennis
Lu, Jason
McDowell, Frank
McWorther, Mac
Merrit, Corey
Milkovich, Scott
Miller, Mike
Orlando, Ron
Ormond, Robert
Palzkill, Tony
Rausch, Randall
Gardner, George
Reserved for Sponsor
Rose, John
Sakai, Fred
Schumacher, Tom
Seaquist, Justin
Skit, David
Soulie, Marc
Stone, Kurt
Strachan, Scotty
Thomas, Rob
Tritenbach, Mark
Vikfors, Steve
Wahlmeier, Greg
Young, Nick

Vu 308
06-23-2008, 3:03 PM
Some of our sponsors this year will be:

Brassman Brass
CS Gunworks
Las Vegas Steel Targets
Lauer Custom Weaponry
Lex Talus Corp (Blaine Fields)
Mildot Master
Militec 1
Newman Precision Rifles
Rifles Only
Savage Arms
Storm Tactical
Surgeon Rifles
TAB Gear
Tac Ready
Tactical Intervention
Tactics Custom AR-15s
5.11 Tactical
Krieger Barrels
Badger Ordnance
Redding Reloading
Sniper Tool Design
Dewey Cleaning Rods
GA Precision
Manner Composite Stocks
Bartlein Barrels

MGM Targets
Invincible Safes

I will update this as we get more sponsors on board. Prize table is looking pretty good.

06-23-2008, 6:55 PM
Thanks for the info. Awesome sponsor list.

F4E Phantom
06-24-2008, 8:00 AM
Vu, are spectators(non shooter) welcome. Can we bring binoculars and cameras(personal use only). Thanks

Vu 308
06-24-2008, 8:49 AM

Spectators are welcome. However unless you have a friend or family member shooting the match there will be no cameras allowed. We have active duty military and LE that do not want their pics taken.

The only folks we allow taking pics are competitors or folks from our event staff.

06-24-2008, 6:52 PM
Vu-"Spectators are welcome. However unless you have a friend or family member shooting the match there will be no cameras allowed. We have active duty military and LE that do not want their pics taken."

:rolleyes:Well I know I won't be checking names or running any Interpol background checks, so how would anyone know who's who? I don't want to blow anyones deep cover, sooo I guess I will blur any faces I don't recognize if I post some pictures.:detective:

Nothing like shooting with real secret squirrels...(satire)

Regards, Spaniard

Vu 308
06-24-2008, 10:06 PM
LOL...now now Spaniard.

Another big reason why we don't allow pics taken from people we do not know is our range has a 0 media policy. You would be surprised how many lil piss ant tree huggin news papers in the area try to get pics of u guys and ur high speed rifles. Next thing you know head lines will read...."Crazy looking mexican guy with sniper rifle"

That is the main reason why we do not allow pics from folks we do not know. Brother..you know how the game goes.

06-25-2008, 4:57 AM
Vu-"Next thing you know head lines will read...."Crazy looking mexican guy with sniper rifle"

Well there you go, I bet that crazy mexican is passing himself off as an upstanding Spaniard wearing polo shirts to trying blend in too.

Probably working for the pinto bean association under deep cover, you gotta watch that stuff. Good call Vu, I now see your point;)

Hey just curious, anyone from Homieland Security going to show up?:rolleyes:

Spaniard, not the crazy mexican with a sniper rifle, no, no, no......

06-25-2008, 8:37 PM
When does a Mexican become a Spaniard?

When he marries YOUR daughter!

Vu 308
06-25-2008, 9:04 PM

07-01-2008, 8:08 PM
Looks like i'm switching to 300WM after SCPRC. Got just over a month to prep for Nor Cal!

07-01-2008, 8:25 PM
You have everything ready to go? I'm planning on a trip or two to scato. Let me know.

07-01-2008, 8:34 PM
You have everything ready to go? I'm planning on a trip or two to scato. Let me know.

Base is in route from Seekins.. got everything else. Just need to get it threaded and slap on my brake. I'm down for 1 pre-match trip.