View Full Version : Gas Piston System Retrofits Now Available

06-20-2008, 10:13 PM
Hello Everyone,

We now have the PWS Gas Piston System Retrofit kits / service uploaded onto our website and ready for purchase.


We do all of the retrofits in our shop which is located in Chatsworth, CA.

If you live in So Cal, you can come by and drop off your upper of if you live outside of So. Cal or outside of our immediate area, you can ship your upper in to us. When we are done you can come by and pick her up if you select Will Call at check out or we will have to ship your upper back to you. Please refer to the website for more details or email us: sales@adxtactical.com

The ADDAX GPU (Gas Piston Uppers) will be released after this weekend so that you can also order a brand new Addax Assembled Gas Piston Uppers using quality components from Primary Weapons Systems, Daniel Defense, Lothar Walther, and White Oak Armament (just to name a few).

Stay tuned, we are going to be turning out some very cool stuff and at a much better price point than many of our direct competitors!