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06-20-2008, 12:47 AM
I am shooting a Mossberg 930 field for a friend of mine to see how I like it and wheather it would work for 3 gun. So far I'd say yes it will. The gun started out life as a 28" ported fied gun the barrel was chopped off a FO front site put on and a 8 round mag tube was installed and a rail was mounted to the receiver for a dot, otherwise the gun is stock. I'm not using the dot.

Loading the shotgun you will get Benelli thumb. I'd modify the shell lifter just like a Benelli.

One shooter had a problem getting the shells deep enough into the tube to keep them from popping out and jamming the gun. The receiver is such that there is a little lip over the loading area and makes loading a bit more difficult.
It's kind of inconvenient to load but it looks like some file time and you can remove enough material so it won't be an issue.

The action is a bit graty (I don't know if that's a word) but continues to smooth out, with more time on the gun, I would expect it to keep improving.

The trigger group is held in with two pins and looks very much like an 1100. The TG rattles in the receiver not a great fit. But you aren't paying a premium for the gun and honestly if works and holds up who cares. You are just going to beat this thing anyway.

It has a nice wide flat vent rib which I like and comes with shims to adjust the drop of the stock.

This weekend I'll shoot some slugs through it and see how it groups. I shoot lo recoil Winchester slugs but I'll try some of the manley man slugs and see how it feels on the shoulder, and cheek bone.

It points nice, other than the loading issue one shooter had it is cycling every round.

I'm making up a list of the things I'd like done to the gun if I were going to shoot it and then I'll post the price of the package less the gun.

Everybody feel free to disagree with this post. It's just my opinion and YMMV.

06-20-2008, 3:46 AM
Thanks for the report. Great to hear that it sounds to be a valid entry-level option for 3gun.

06-20-2008, 7:04 AM
Thanks for the post. I picked one up PPT up your way a few weeks ago (OakTree). I wanted something cheaper to play with and not worry about....

Looking forward to reading more of your posts. Please do post pics of the modifications as you go.


06-20-2008, 7:11 AM
Hmm I'm torn between the 590 or the 930....
I'm leaning more towards the 930, just because I already have 2 500's

Thanks for the write up. the only thing you missed were some pics:D

06-22-2008, 10:24 PM
More time with the Mossberg. I'll get some pictures but the camera is indisposed.

The shell lifter needs to be welded up front and back. I was loading from a shell caddy today and I had the rim of the shell catch in the back of the lifter (pic coming). The back of the forend also gets in the way (pic coming) nothing a hacksaw and sand paper wouldn't cure. After modifying (cutting a half inch off) the back of the fore end I'd practice loading some more but it might need some metal taken off the receiver too. The way it is now you can load a round and it will feel like it is past the shell latch and stay put until you do move the gun or try and shoot then plop on the ground. If you use a different method of loading it might not need any hacking of the fore end.

This gun is nose heavy without the tube being loaded. I didn't notice it until I loaded from the caddy. A pistol grip might make it balance better. I'd like to try that anyway. I had my Benelli with me and shooting the 930 then the Benelli really showed up the unbalanced and heavier weight of the Mossberg.

Slugs: This gun has an aftermarket rail on it so it might have effected the POA/POI I shot the lo recoil slugs out of it today it grouped great at 35 yards the gun shoots straight. My Benelli grouped tighter but not alot and I'm used to it. At this point I'll say the 930 groups very well. Here's the rub and its not my gun so I didn't change anything (rail). At approx. 35 yards the gun shoots 10" high. I was shooting an IDPA target and I had to hold at the bottom of the A zone to get it to hit below the neck. 8" A zone a little above about 10". One other shooter I had with me had the same results. Hits were straight but 10" high. The good news it windage is ok which is much harder to correct on a shotgun than the elevation. Raise the front site and that will take care of the elevation issue. It's not my gun and I'll ask the owner how it shoots for him. Also the gun comes with a stock shim kit. It might be possible to shim it and get it closer. 35 yards was the extent of the bay.

Recoil with the loads I shot was no problem. I did leave the full juice loads at home not intentionally. I shot lo recoil slugs, Focchi spreaders, Estate 2.75 and 3 dram, lo recoil buckshot, and some Winchester AA. I mixed them up in the tube and all ran fine.

It swings slower than my Benelli but I'm not that great a shooter so I don't think that would make much difference at my level.

That's the report of the Mossberg and I'll get some pictures posted before I return it. I'll also post where I'd cut stuff and weld stuff. I'm going to give the owner of the shotgun everything I thought the gun needs. Whether he agrees........

07-15-2008, 9:33 PM
Any updates, or pics yet??