View Full Version : Finally, C Products Factory 10/20 Straight Body Stainless Steel Magazines.

06-16-2008, 2:01 PM
I am completely out of 10/10 magazines and today I received two big boxes of magazines from C Products.

"Thank God!" I said. Then I opened them and they were not 10/10s, but 10/20s.

Hey, that is just as good.

Here they are by themselves.


Here they are in the two package deals we have.


I am not sure when the 10/10s will be back in stock. Larry said 600 were on their way, but he didn't send me a tracking number.

06-26-2008, 9:10 PM
I went and shot these today and they worked great. With ten rounds in, they didn't go into a closed bolt as easy, but with an open bolt no problems. They fed perfect, not a single issue.

I decided to get four for my own personal collection. Good job C Products. Much better than the 10/30s.