View Full Version : deal on 5.56 55gr fmj ammo? north. cal. bay area

06-15-2008, 7:55 AM
went to spoorts authority off of concord ave. in concord on friday they had fmj 55grain winchester ammo thats 9.99/bx20 and it was also 15% off so that was 8.49 for a 20rd bx of 5.56 im broke but still managed about 5 boxes.

06-15-2008, 8:20 AM
I was there yesterday too, 9.99$ a box - 15% + 8.25% tax 9.19$ a box..

You should order the American Eagle *Federal* XM193 200 rd box for 95$ a box or 170$ for 2 boxes 400 rds or 800 rds for 320$

FREE SHIPPING till June 25th and order has to be over 150$


06-16-2008, 9:56 PM
Thanks for mentioning the Cabela's deal. I never really considered buying from them in the past as their prices were never that great, but on the American Eagle XM 193, it is pretty competitive (with the free shipping promo code). I just ordered 800 rounds for $319.99, that is just a hair under $8/box of 20 delivered (scheduled for next Wednesday).

Though I had gotten just a slightly better deal from Outdoor Marksman back in April (thanks to a promotion code), I doubt if I will get that deal again. Also, it is my understanding that ammunition prices will continue to rise over the summer (based on letters from Remington and Winchester posted on the Natchez website a couple of months ago).