View Full Version : FS: P226R 357 SIG - Fiber Optic Sights - 4x OEM Mags - original box - Cheap Ammo!

06-07-2008, 6:06 PM
First of all, 357SIG is not as expensive as you might think it is. It's $289 delivered per 1000 rounds of factory new ammo from ammoman.com

Here is a faithful servant that needs a new owner. It has never given me any troubles in about 2000 rounds of service. The rails are in good shape, slide to frame fit is good, and cosmetically it is very very excellent as you can see in the pics. Anything that looks like scratching is probably dust on the camera or gun. I can't see any scratches on it.

Comes with everything shown in photos. Extra set of OEM plastic grips. The rear of the grips currently installed were epoxied together lightly so there is no famous Sig rear grip creak. Hogue hex grip screws were also used instead of the OEM grip screws.

FTF in San Diego FFL or at On Target in Mission Viejo which is near Irvine as well.

$575 OBO but don't bother to lowball please :)
Only trades I'm looking for is 1911s in EXCELLENT shape.

This can take a 40SW OEM barrel and shoot 40SW or you can get a 9mm Conversion barrel for $150-$200.

All Pics: http://www.jae-designs.com/firearms/P226R/




06-08-2008, 1:50 PM
Good guy to deal with. Free bump.