View Full Version : trijicon accupoint scope and STI trubor barrel.

06-06-2008, 5:44 PM
Got a very lightly used trijicon accupoint TR21r (red) 1.25x4 w/ larue mount Sold
Also got a new STI Trubor w/ T2 comp (5" .355/9mm) $255 shipped.

more info on accupoint http://www.opticsplanet.net/trijicon-accup...scope-tr21.html (http://www.opticsplanet.net/trijicon-accupoint-125-4x24-riflescope-tr21.html)
more info on larue mount http://stores.homestead.com/Laruetactical/Detail.bok?no=40
More info on barrel http://www.stiguns.com/Products/index.php?pid=180

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http://madtrigger.net/images/misc/6-6-08/TN_Picture%20001.JPG (http://madtrigger.net/images/misc/6-6-08/Picture%20001.JPG)

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http://madtrigger.net/images/misc/6-6-08/TN_Picture%20002.JPG (http://madtrigger.net/images/misc/6-6-08/Picture%20002.JPG)

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http://madtrigger.net/images/misc/6-6-08/TN_Picture%20003.JPG (http://madtrigger.net/images/misc/6-6-08/Picture%20003.JPG)

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http://madtrigger.net/images/misc/6-6-08/TN_Picture%20004.JPG (http://madtrigger.net/images/misc/6-6-08/Picture%20004.JPG)

I take paypal or money order. First person to email me at yar1182@yahoo.com will get it. I'm posting this on multiple sites so please don't rely on a post here or a PM. Shipping is USPS priority with delivery confirmation to Continental USA. Other shipping methods can be arranged but will be extra. I'm in long beach california.

06-06-2008, 5:45 PM
additional pictures

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http://madtrigger.net/images/misc/6-6-08/TN_Picture%20005.JPG (http://madtrigger.net/images/misc/6-6-08/Picture%20005.JPG)

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http://madtrigger.net/images/misc/6-6-08/TN_Picture%20006.JPG (http://madtrigger.net/images/misc/6-6-08/Picture%20006.JPG)

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http://madtrigger.net/images/misc/6-6-08/TN_Picture%20007.JPG (http://madtrigger.net/images/misc/6-6-08/Picture%20007.JPG)

06-06-2008, 5:52 PM
Bump for great prices.