View Full Version : WTS 2 8lb Jug Of Ramshot TAC Powder *SPF*

06-01-2008, 5:52 PM
Basically the title says it all.. I am selling 2 unopened, 8lb jugs of Ramshot TAC powder for one of my HP shooters who doesn't do the internet thing. This will be a FTF, local sale only. I can meet at Richmond range this coming Saturday morning (up until 11:30am), or at Chabot on Thursday morning(9am - 11am at the 200yd line) or Friday morning(9 - 11 at the 200 yd line), or at Castro Valley Gun Shop during the week, ORrrr... at my house in San Leandro (Washington Manor area). Price is $120 each. First "I'LL TAKE IT' gets them!!! Yes they can be sold indivually......

06-01-2008, 8:16 PM
I want these. PM sent.


....edit that; I'LL TAKE IT(both of them)

06-01-2008, 8:38 PM
SOLD to Mongo!!