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05-31-2008, 7:45 PM
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Pick up in San Diego (LJ/PB area) only.
No shipping. I'll be available until next Thurs.

Some of the ammunition in this small collection is getting increasingly difficult to find. Photo and photo links below.

.308: 60 cartridges (5 rd. Clips) in a U.S. military bandolier, WRA (Winchester) 7.62 Ball M80. Headstamp:
WRA 1967 +, (Vietnam era). $42

Remington 45 ACP High Velocity Brass Shot Cartridges(R45AP5) , Box of 20, loaded with 650 #12 Shot. Unique Shot LoktTM design allows positive feeding. This desirable loading has been discontinued for years. $35

Remington 9mm Luger (+P+) Box of 50 115 Grain JHP (R9MM4S) Box marked L.E. use only. $39

Winchester Ranger .45 ACP 230 Gr. SXT w/ original Black Talon bullets in brass cases. (RA45SXT), Box of 50. This is the original loading for the Ranger .45s. An elusive collectible item: $45.

Sampson (IMI) 9mm Luger +P (Black Tip) SMG ammo, 115 Gr. FMJ. This hot ammo is designed for Uzi's and other SMG's.
Some 9mm pistols will handle it in limited quantities. Definitely not for lightweight frame pistols. Box of 50. $18

EAGLE (IMI) 9mm Luger 115 Gr. JHP Match Grade. Magnum Research imported and distributed this outstanding 9mm ammo quite awhile back. Box of 50 $18

Original WWII .45ACP M1911 Ball ammo, Headstamp: E.C. 43 (Evansville Ordinance Plant, 1943). This is excellent to display with a WWII 1911 or 1911A1 military model. Box of 50. $20

Winchester Wells Fargo & Co. 30-30 150 Gr. Silvertip (W3030WF), Box of 20. This was a limited edition that was produced in conjunction with the 125th Anniversary of Wells Fargo. Nickel plated cases with a distinctive headstamp.

Remington 45 Colt 250 Gr. Lead (R45C), Box of 50. $24

Winchester 45 Colt 255 Gr. Lead (X45CP2) Box of 20. $12

Remington Kleanbore 32 Smith & Wesson 88 Gr. Lead, vintage box of 50. $15

Navy Arms .32 Long Rim-Fire. These were distributed by Navy Arms awhile back. No longer available from Navy Arms. Box of 50. $20

.25 ACP, Cal 7.65, a box of vintage cartridges with various headstamps, including Geco, DWM, FN, SBP,TT. There are 25 cartridges in a FN Browning marked box. Most of the cartridges are original FN Browning. $15

FN RIMMED 380 revolver Mark II produced by FN in Belgium for the Singapore Police Dept. Head stamped: (FN 380 UZ) This is not .380 ACP.These are quite scarce. Sealed package of 30. $28

Remington 45-70 Government vintage cartridges,
20 loose cartridges, $20

50 Cal. BMG Lake City '01 brass casings with a handful of links in a 50 cal M9 Ammo Can. Casings need to be de-primed and cleaned. 43 casings: $20


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