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swift rifleman
05-31-2008, 2:34 AM
Which battle sight zero do you guys prefer and why? the IBSZ 50/200m or the 25/300m bsz ? i personally prefer the ibsz 50/200 as the 300m shoots way too high 6" at 100 and 12" at 200!:eek: also there is a new usmc 36yd bsz for 300yd does anyone know what method they use to sight in that range?

05-31-2008, 9:37 AM
It depends on how you'll be shooting, but I use the 50 yard zero for most non-precision shooting. You cover a wide range with little offset, and that makes sense to me.

05-31-2008, 9:44 AM
Is there a chart for M193 from a M4 barrel?

I want to compare a 25yrd vs a 50yrd.

It'll be interesting to see what my Ceiner kit will shoot Minimags with that zero.

swift rifleman
05-31-2008, 3:09 PM
well i want a zero with a good flat trajectory from an a2 to about 300yd with out shooting too high. i heard of the old usmc 300yd battle zero sighting in at 25m/27.5yd +1 click past 8/3 to zero then back to 8/3 when calibrated. you should also have -3 past 8/3 when it bottoms out. I heard from a formmer drill insructor that once calibrated at 300bsz you can use those thre clicks to shoot close to point of aim -2 8/3 for a 200yd zero and -3 8/3 for a 100yd zero without shooting too high great for point shooting! i haven't tried this method yet i will next weekend. also, what distance do you guys prefer to zero 25m, 36yd, 50yd any pro /cons?

05-31-2008, 5:18 PM
What is "8/3"?

05-31-2008, 7:37 PM
The concept of a 'battlezero' isn't mean to give you an exact POA=POI at two specific distances. It's just meant to provide a good approximate POI relatively close to the POA at those distances.

300m zero that hits 6" high at 100? That's perfectly fine. Aim center mass on a man sized silhouette and that gets you a pretty good incapacitating hit.

Again, if you want some sort of zero where you can shoot exactly POA=POI at say 25 yards and have that same sight setting hit exactly POA=POI at say 300 yards, you're asking for too much.

They put elevation knobs on sights so you can change the elevation for the distance you need to shoot at.

05-31-2008, 8:12 PM
Use the search feature.....


Pros & Cons, as well as, detailed trajactory etc...

06-01-2008, 6:01 AM
What is "8/3"?
One of the settings on an A2 elevation knob.


swift rifleman
06-01-2008, 3:44 PM
well i finally got my rifle zeroed to shoot poa/poi at 100m/200m/300m by taking away three clicks out of five from the 800m mark and placing them below 8/3. so when i need to shoot dead on for small targets, without shooting over them, i just click -2 8/3 200m, -3 8/3 for 100m, and 8/3 for 300m for precision shooting.oh and i zeroed at 25m using the unmarked peep hole 8/3 +1.