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05-27-2008, 10:40 PM
Complete Piston Uppers:


- M4 upper flat top with M4 feed ramps
- 5.56mm chrome-line chamber and bore
- 16" 4150 (1x7 twist) steel barrel with M4 profile and M4 feed ramps
- Lewis Machine and Tool mil-spec M16 bolt carrier group with O-ring and black insert with spring (these are the same the .gov purchases)
- M4 handguards with double-liner heat shields
- Primary Weapon Systems short-stroke piston
- test-fired prior to ensure proper function
- life time warranty on the piston system


We have tested this system in our full-autos and they run. Our certified gunsmith has gone through the system to ensure the front gas block is properly staked in addition to staking the the carrier key. All parts are milled on a full-size mill that ensure true and accurate results each and every time.

Conversions with Free Return Shipping:
We also offer Primary Weapon Systems conversions. We have our certified gunsmith performing these conversions and shipping them back within three days of receiving them. We can convert your 14.5" barrel and pin and weld a proper length muzzle device to keep your rifle legal in addition to piston conversions. We can modify your two-peice handguards on the mill at no additional charge.

The price for a converion for carbines, mid-lengths and rifles is $399.95 and that includes free return insured FedEx shipping.






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