View Full Version : WTS/WTT 7mm SMK 168 Gr (SF Bay Area)

05-26-2008, 8:13 PM
A month or so ago I bought a 500 round box of Sierra Matchkings for .308 reloading. When I opened up the box today and put a bullet in the OAL gauge to get a reading I was surprised to find that the bullet was not stopping at the lands. Long story short, I figured out the bullets must have been something smaller in diameter than .308s and looked at the box, to see that they were 7mm. I guess someone put a box of 7mms in the .308 section at Sac Valley's reloading components shelf.

I do load some for my 7 mag, but not that much and I'd rather see if anyone else is interested in buying or trading for this. I paid $140 or so for the bullets and other than the one that I put in the OAL gauge they are untouched and the box has been opened once for about 10 minutes. They're 7mm 168 gr Sierra Matchkings and I'll entertain all offers (cash or trade). I'm located near Danville.