View Full Version : Thanks for the range trip!

Lon Moer
05-25-2008, 1:26 PM
Thanks for putting on the range day/product demo at Los Altos today! I had a blast ;) shooting your ammo through my Spikes Tactical/CMMG rig :P Although I'm pretty stiff and sore now.
I had fun shooting the XCR and your piston conversion upper, and with the PMAGS.
But my new GSG-5 is my new favorite gun,:wub: its so much fun the 10rd magazines become frustrating. I'll be needing some more.

And BigMac, your daughter got at least 4 mags loads out of the box of Remington I had, so that puts her at over 600 rds today,:cool: its a great thing she really likes loading magazines.

Thanks again for the plinking morning,LM

05-27-2008, 6:16 AM
Thanks for making it out!

I am glad she had a good time. Shes pretty dang proud of herself!