View Full Version : AR extractor spring upgrade help!

05-24-2008, 8:55 PM
hi fellas, I am curious to know if anyone has upgraded their extractor spring? How difficult is it and where does to O ring go? I have an LMT bolt. Any help is greatly appreciated. I searched the topic but came up dry.

05-24-2008, 9:21 PM
If you have an LMT bolt, it should have come with an o-ring already installed and a black buffer.
No need to upgrade an LMT.

If it did not come with an o-ring and black buffer, someone lied to you about it being LMT.

05-24-2008, 9:22 PM
O rings were introduced to improve extraction on M4's firing 600 rounds per minute.

Or over-gassed carbines that need extra help holding on to the cartridge case to pre-maturely rip it out of the chamber.

Heavy buffers are better fixes than all the common extraction "patches" that people apply.