View Full Version : Inspect even tiny air rifle bores with this WOLF Borescope - $500

05-22-2008, 5:40 PM
FOR SALE HERE is a top-quality, versatile, medical-grade endoscope for less than you'd pay for a cheap scope. I bought it, can't use it... so I'm selling it for what I paid for it at wholesale.


The diameter is a noodle-thin 2.7mm (0.106") and the working length is a generous 444mm (17.5"). This scope is perfect for detailed inspection of pistols, rifles and shotguns with standard or even VERY small bores. The 17 1/2" working length is very unusual in a scope this slim, in fact I've never seen one before.


It was crafted in West Germany by Richard Wolf, GMBH, the top name in precision medical and industrial endoscopy in the world. Its achromatic lens relay system is far superior to that found in cheap plastic rod lens scopes Like ACMI and MDS, the Hopkins system found in the quality Storz line of endoscopes or the "GRIN" system found in the popular Hawkeye scopes.

For example, below is a MidwayUSA link to a brand-new 17" Hawkeye 4.2mm (0.165" dia.) that uses the cheaper GRIN lens:


This Wolf scope originally sold for well over $4000. I rarely see a used scope of this quality and condition going for less than $1500 from surgical supply houses or even on eBay. I purchased this one in a lot of a dozen scopes, but I can't use this one. This long, thin scope is not particularly useful for what I do in the safe & vault opening and service industry, but after I unpacked and inspected it, I realized its true value, i.e. bore inspection, especially those really small diameter bores.

Condition: EXCELLENT with crystal clear optics and a near-perfect fiber light bundle! The direction of view (DOV) is 5, (almost straight-ahead) and the field of view (FOV) is a wider than usual 65 which allows you to see 360 of surface in bores of up to 0.5" at the same time without having to rotate the scope or the barrel. The view stays in focus from 0.2mm to infinity with no focusing required. Try that with a Hawkeye!


This scope will also include a handy, bright-white LED light source and a twist-lock, protective metal sheath for a total price of $500.00 including insured USPS Priority Mail shipping.

I check every optics item thoroughly and carefully before packing. I also pack it carefully using quality packing materials, i.e. reinforced shipping carton, small-cell bubble wrap and at least 2" of high-density foam padding all around the item, not just styrofoam peanuts. I mention this because any borescope is a long, fragile optical instrument that needs to be handled, packed, shipped and unpacked by you using a great deal of care and patience!

If you are seriously interested in purchasing this item, please e-mail me at KenSFO@comcast.net and I will be happy to reply with my payment options and additional details or photos, if you need them. THANKS for looking!