View Full Version : FS: Springfield GI barrel "take off" part; parkerized

Army GI
05-20-2008, 1:40 PM
As the title says, it's a take off barrel from my GI. Have fired just under 750 rounds of hardball through it. $75 shipped from Fresno, CA.

What Just Happened?
05-20-2008, 1:56 PM
Take off part? Pics please.

Army GI
05-20-2008, 2:43 PM
Yeah, take off part. I bought a used stainless steel barrel which is easier for me to clean. So now I have a spare that could use a good home in a nice 1911 somewhere rather than sit around here in my room and collect dust. I can't provide a picture, my camera doesn't have that capability, low tech I know. But it's a pretty unremarkable barrel. It's comes from a stock Springfield GI with wear marks in the usual places (ie the chamber hood and where the bushing slides along the barrel).

05-21-2008, 9:07 PM
PM sent.

05-23-2008, 9:24 AM
Is the bushing included or did it fit your new stainless barrel?