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05-20-2008, 12:51 PM
I have a bunch of 7.62 Saiga and AK parts for sale, all NIB, never used. Quality parts, K-Var and Dinzag Arms stuff (look to saiga-12 forums for countless +1's on Dinzag's work). All comes in original packaging.

First off is a full K-Var black polymer furniture set, comes with gas tube installed on the upper HG (sorry, it's just a pain to get off) and pistol grip screw and nut. Value at $125 incl. gas tube, asking for $105.

Secondly, I have a Tapco G2 single hook trigger group. Solid, smooth trigger, definite improvement over the WASR's Century kits and necessary for any Saiga pistol grip conversion. Sold pending funds.

AK retaining plate for your trigger group, replaces the awful shepherd's crook found in Saigas and AKs. Brand new, still sealed in original packaging. The trigger pins shown are not included. Sold pending funds.

I also have a Dinzag Arms round-trunnion bullet guide kit for Saigas, necessary to adapt the 7.62 Saigas to use AK magazines. Comes with everything pictured. Instructions on installation found on www.dinzagarms.com. Make sure to check your Saiga's trunnion shape! This round guide will not fit flat trunnions.Value at $25, asking for $22.
**6 picture limit, but you can find the guide kit pictures on Dinzag's website.**

Dinzag Arms bolt-on lower retainer to allow the Saigas to use standard AK lower handguards. Very easy to install: just remove the stock handguards, install the new handguards, then bolt the HG retainer on to hold the handguards in place. Surprisingly sturdy once the screws are tightened. Includes the Allen Wrench pictured. Sold pending funds.

Lastly, a Dinzag Arms slip-on AK-103/74 style flash hider made for Saiga 7.62's. Won't fit on AK front sight blocks, sorry. Allows the appearance of a flash hider without having to press on a new AK threaded front sight block. Installs easily by drilling into the FSB sleeve and set-screwed. Value at $45, asking for $38

I bought all of these parts originally for my fun Saiga AK-103 conversion that fell through, so I'd prefer to sell everything together. I live in the Oakland Bay Area, and I'd like to sell in person to save on S&H and payment complications, but I'll be willing to ship if necessary. PM me for details or offers. I am willing to discuss prices, but keep in mind this poor college student needs every penny. :D

05-20-2008, 2:51 PM
PM inbound for the trigger, retainer and retainer plate.


05-24-2008, 9:17 AM
Oops, forgot to update.