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05-19-2008, 2:49 PM
Need to fund an AR project so my AK builder tools and my Romy G kit are up for sale. Here is the deal. I would like to sell this as one package. Might be a bit too much for someone to swallow so if it does not sell I will break the parts up and ship them out. But I want to give it a few days as complete deal and then I will break it all up.

Offed up is One professionally made bolt cutters tool. This is milled and NOT ground down. Pat (aka restoreit1) makes them. Also for sale is his trigger guard rivet jig. Make pressing rivets a breeze.

From AK Builder I am selling a complete Barrel press kit and his trigger guard
rivet REMOVAL jig.

The Romy G parts kit is an all matching kit with some pitting. You can see the worst of it on the front gas tube. There was some light surface rust but that cleaned up with out any problems. Barrel has been pressed out. The kit comes with AK builder rivet's - the best out there as far as I am concerned.

The side folder (will have to be made non-folding for CA) is Bulgarian and comes with the hardware to screw it in. This attaches to a factory Romy G rear trunnion without modification. It is new.

Lastly is a Big Red 20 ton shop press. This baby makes all this simple. I have made a custom extension that allows the ak barrel press jig to attach. Works great.

Here is my parts break down price.
Bolt Cutters- $35
Barrel Press Jig - $75
Trigger Rivet Jig - $50
Parts Kit - $150
AK Rivets - $5
Trigger Guard removal jig - $20
Side Folder - $45




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05-19-2008, 2:56 PM
Bah. Looked at the pics and they are missing the wood and the front trunion. I have both and will gets some pics up time permitting. Sorry about that.

05-21-2008, 2:58 PM
pm sent

05-21-2008, 3:49 PM
Bump for a great deal. If you do part out the items, please pm me about the G kit. Thank you.