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  1. Welcome Back from Crosshairs Gun Store!
  2. This Weeks Special - In Store Only
  3. Crosshairs Gun Store Torrance In Store Specials on KSG and 1911s
  4. Weekly Sale~
  5. Aero Stripped Lowers for Sale!
  6. Ruger 10/22 Special Starting 2/24/18
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  8. Shotgun and Consignment Sale. Also Rock Island, Chiappa and Keltec w/ Special Pricing
  9. Weekly Specials
  10. Crosshairs Gun Store Gun Show Prices at the Store this Weekend!
  11. CalGuns LE and First Responders Fire and Rescue ONLY
  12. Pre-Order on Ruger Pistol Caliber (PC) Carbine and Sale items!
  13. Used Police Trade Ins
  14. Lowest Prices in Town!
  15. Glock Blue Label Military Appreciation Days!
  16. Memorial Day Sale Happening NOW!
  17. Deals on New and Old Stock
  18. 5 Day Survival Back Pack and LAX Ammunition Sale!
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  20. Full Herd in Stock!