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  1. Homebuilt rifle registration?
  2. Is it legal to put a compensator on a 1911 in CA?
  3. Legality of buying a threaded barrel for a pistol
  4. How to transfer a gun from a deceased person?
  5. Night Vision Rifle Scope or PVS14 Legal in CA?
  6. Magazines: all the answers you need
  7. Building a MAC-10/9 from a parts kit and receiver flat: Legality
  8. Questions about single shot for SA 1911 and Taurus Judge
  9. If I live in CA, can I go to (OR, NV, AZ) and buy a gun? NO
  10. BumpFire Stock/Slidefire Stock, "Tac Trigger" ILLEGAL in CA
  11. Legality of Law Tactical AR Folding Stock Adapter
  12. What is required to own a Fully automatic weapon?
  13. Buying out of state Non compliant Guns Online, and making them compliant?
  14. intrafamily transfer laws not changed for 2014
  15. Legality of Binary Targets (aka "Tannerite") (NOT legal 'mixed' in CA - DD)
  16. 5150/5250/etc question as these areas of law pertain to minors
  17. If pulled over with guns in car.....
  18. Tac-con 3MR trigger - multi-burst trigger activator?
  19. Charges reduced...and then expunged...How long do I have to wait?
  20. Had a felony reduced to misdemeanor, then misdemeanor set aside.
  21. How strict is the 5 transfer/year rule? And what are the consequences?
  22. Is it possible to lose gun rights for street fight
  23. Receiving a gift in another state
  24. Moving to Ca. What is legal?
  25. Warning, SSE pistols using barrel *inserts*: ensure rifling exists!
  26. Transporting a handgun on a motorcycle
  27. Definition of a glovebox or console
  28. LAW: Rules for the 'How CA Law Applies to You' Forum
  29. 🚩LAW: FAQ - read before posting a new question
  30. Carrying an SSE pistol
  31. Inheriting Legally Registered Assault Weapons
  32. LAW: Things we know, and things we don't
  33. Shipping off Roster handguns within the state (Not a PPT, not Roster-exempt)
  34. Taser Legality from San Jose Municipal Code
  35. transporting guns
  36. Off-roster transfer between husband and wife
  37. Intra-famlial gift question
  38. Over 30 day loan to wife
  39. Selling unregistered pistol in a ppt?
  40. Obtaining registration records
  41. Need help with large estate of firearms
  42. CCW and Legally Locked in School Zone?
  43. Need help inheriting revolver from grandfather
  44. moving to CA with handguns
  45. weapon transfer, out of state (TX to CA)
  46. purchasc of high capacity mag question
  47. None registered guns
  48. was approved for firearm now disqualified
  49. Felon to Reside in House - Firearm/Ammo/Search Ramifications? AB 500?
  50. Help with info on sending a long gun to a gunsmith.
  51. Can someone help me find CPC 12072?
  52. Interesting legal advice from CHP re transporting a "AW"
  53. Long term handgun storage for friend
  54. DROS a stripped lower as a pistol when moving?
  55. Living in CA for a few years, want to bring in a pistol stored out of state
  56. traveling on a motorcycle in CA with a pistol
  57. Large-capacity Magazine Law
  58. Help needed about Cal. law (Interstate intrafamilial transfer of SKS)
  59. Cleaning out GF's grandpas house and found a revolver
  60. Conversion Chart from Old PC Section Numbers
  61. 5150 - San Diego, all weapons removed
  62. PPT of a pistol with threaded barrel in CA, possible?
  63. Registered guns
  64. Illegal or not?.. (Felon use gun in self defense)
  65. Transporting loaded magazines illegal? (No)
  66. High cap mag question (new mags)
  67. Can My Friend Transport My Handguns?
  68. Magpul stock kit Cali legal?
  69. When did Ca. DOJ begin regulating firearms transactions?
  70. Recovering handgun from PD used in relative's suicide
  71. First! (Only *authorized chat thread* and keep it short!)
  72. Possessing/Shooting a handgun under while 21 yrs old
  73. out of state family gift of a off list ruger pistol to California
  74. CA Safe gun laws and 80% handgun paperweight
  75. 15 rd magazine with 10rd blocker, legal?
  76. What's a "temporary residence" ?
  77. Legal Qs Moving Guns from NV to CA
  78. Moving out of CA
  79. Can I loan my registered shotgun to my friend to hunt ? (Yes, for 30 days or less)
  80. Are flare gun down-conversions illegal?
  81. Open & Conceal carry in front and back yard?
  82. Does Anyone Really Know the Gun Laws of California?
  83. PA Uncle wills guns to CA Nephew - laws?
  84. Visiting California and bringing handguns?
  85. Buying from...can't legally own
  86. Am I required to verify someone is not a prohibited person?
  87. Oregon Transfer (CA resident to OR resident, Fed Law)
  88. Flying with mags.
  89. To ship or checked baggage?
  90. Is this possible? (interstate transfer)
  91. Under the Influence of meds in CCW context
  92. Can I bring back a gun given to me in CO to CA? (Named inheritance: YES))
  93. Restoration of rights for a prohibited person
  94. Open or concealed carry on private forest land
  95. PPT of Long Guns, need help.
  96. Moving to CA from out of state
  97. Delete
  98. Can I lend my brother my handgun?
  99. I Commited a Federal Crime Today
  100. legal to have knife attached to handgun?
  101. Consensus on 10/30 pmag
  102. PPT/gun registration questions
  103. I didn't know that - (i.e. CA gun laws) Mag NOT required in BB equipped AR
  104. Shipping C&R rifles to buyer inside CA
  105. How many firearms can I purchase?
  106. Driving Around With A Gun In...
  107. Ruger Mk III
  108. Buying a 92FS Italy from Gunbroker
  109. Confronting a burglar
  110. Is this a new California Law for 2014?
  111. Multiple guns in the same locked container
  112. Leave handgun at vacation property in WA?
  113. buying ammo online
  114. Flying home with AR to Cal
  115. Am I allowed to carry?
  116. Can my family in CA ship my rifle to me (military) in WA?
  117. CA Resident, on Active Duty Orders in Georgia. Can I buy a 'non compliant' handgun?
  118. Trejo model 1
  119. is the mini 14 archangel sparta stock california legal
  120. Building rifles/pistols from lowers/frames
  121. 80% lower, black powder upper build.
  122. ? on Daewoo DR200
  123. 16 round Magazine? (Owned in CA before 2000, legal)
  124. Hypothetical magazine question
  125. One handgun a month question
  126. Colt M4 6920 confusion...
  127. Replacement under warranty. Any roster issues?
  128. 2015 Firearm Safety Certificate (FSC) vs LTC
  129. Another 1 in 30 Question!
  130. Device legality pending discussion with actual attorneys
  131. Transfer of Old Firearm from Dad to son question
  132. Delete
  133. Center fire magazine couplers legal? (Not entirely risk free)
  134. Receiving standard mags in CA (in parts)
  135. Wife's Aunt passed, left her revolver. Questions!
  136. Moving to California...maybe!
  137. CA 'duty to retreat'? No
  138. So heres my 0% semi auto handgun SSE plan
  139. School zone question
  140. pistol transfer frequency
  141. San Francisco large capacity mag law?
  142. Is CCW Holster practice illegal on BLM land without a CCW permit?
  143. How to legally backpack with a pistol?
  144. Does an AR complete lower require a bullet button?
  145. AR-15 stock - Slide Fire (Very risky, likely multiburst trigger activator for CA)
  146. Transfer from Deaceased Grandpa
  147. CCW Non resident question (CA resident buy a gun out of state)
  148. Repair kit mags
  149. Temporary Residence
  150. Open carry as security for a non profit
  151. Selling a SSE handgun
  152. Shipping guns
  153. Gay marriage and grandparent firearm transfer
  154. long gun registration
  155. CA Legal AR-15 Pistol question
  156. Passing through
  157. Military Spouse and Dependents
  158. Guns purchased out of State
  159. OC/CC on your private, but rented/occupied property
  160. Transporting a Muzzleloader?
  161. Question about a DV case and buying a pistol?
  162. Buying 16" Upper Online
  163. Hi-Cap Compliance Question
  164. Hello! I have questions about current Cal gun laws.
  165. Prohibited person in house, storage method?
  166. Recently moved to LA, question about bringing firearms
  167. bringing in out of state handgun
  168. Question regarding PC Section 31000 & 32650
  169. Can I ship magazine rebuild kits out of state?
  170. out of state rifle transfer to CA process?
  171. Magazine Possession Question
  172. DROS for cap and ball revolvers?
  173. 5150 Roommate
  174. Excuse my ignorance but what if (buy a gun and do not know it came with 11+ mags)
  175. Import stripped receiver
  176. How many guns can you sell per year?
  177. Can my wife use my gun for self defense?
  178. Is it registered to me?
  179. If I'm in security And have all permits needed to carry at work ????
  180. School Zone and Flat tire
  181. AB48- Mag rebuild kits
  182. Dros question - NO '1-in-30' for long guns
  183. Does the CA AW ban only affect CA resident?
  184. Using 30 round mags in Cali?
  185. Can I give my Stepdad my Ruger P95 as a family transfer?
  186. bringing a blocked XDM mag to cali
  187. "Loaded" applied to bow/arrow
  188. Registration and moving out of CA?
  189. Found an old 50 round 10/22 magazine
  190. What is the status of cap and ball....
  191. Intra-Familial Handgun transfers?
  192. Used gun from gun broker
  193. Can I conceal carry a long gun?
  194. 30 round magazine nuisance law
  195. RAW and magazines
  196. Magazines - not legal to transfer LCM in state or advertise for sale
  197. calico 22 lr with 100 round mag
  198. (Guns from) Parts Kit whats the deal??
  199. Are dual pistol grip shotguns legal?
  200. Question ? Building AR pistols from lowers
  201. AR lower, Rimfire upper legality
  202. Shooting on BLM land
  203. gun locks and gun safe affidavits
  204. Border crossing
  205. How to Legally Transfer "Inherited" Rifles
  206. Moving to California with an AR pistol
  207. Magazine legality
  208. would this be considered a stock on my AR Pistol?
  209. mag rebuild kits
  210. Building a CA legal AR-15 - Need Advise
  211. So I just realized mag rebuild kits were banned.. question.
  212. Is it true that Rebuild kits are illegal now, if so, what about parts?
  213. Out of State (Dad) Gifting of Rifle to CA Resident
  214. closed
  215. How to handle compliance checks on BLM
  216. SSE Pistol Frame
  217. I asked the sheriff a question today...
  218. AR-15 Question (mag in mag well NOT required)
  219. Moving to CA. Now what do I do with ...
  220. Felon Friend Going Camping Around Guns - Is he breaking the law?
  221. Convicted felon visiting house
  222. How DOJ performs the background check
  223. 30 day wait question - ( PPT; FAQ, generally no)
  224. Pickup Camper Shell a "Locked Container" or "vehicles trunk"??
  225. buying used hand guns out of state
  226. When buying a long gun, does my driver's license have to have my current residency?
  227. Complying with CA Firearm laws when out of state
  228. Pistol build
  229. Help I'm about to crack a safe!!
  230. Help Me With This PPT Conundrum
  231. Firearm purchase/transfer question
  232. Microstamping and Private Transfers
  233. Banned by Name: Polytech AKS in Roberti Roos
  235. Moving to California with Firearms (Image Heavy)
  236. Receiving guns from deceased persons
  237. LEO Transfer to sibling
  238. Gun Lock/Safe Requirement Question
  239. Moving to California - Part Duex
  240. Please help guidance requested - deceased parent's guns at PD
  241. DROS questions
  242. Non-Resident Registration Required?
  243. Antique Firearms legal to ship to your door?
  244. Transporting handgun legality
  245. factory mods home defence legal question
  246. Long gun lock
  247. Seller's ID requirements for a PPT
  248. Handgun not in immediate control of the owner
  249. Please help, I'm not sure what to do...
  250. Question about a PPT from a dead original owner.