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  1. Hartatac.com - Firearm Accessories For the Common Man, From the Common Man!
  2. Hartatac.com new website is up and running! MASSIVE selection.
  3. Hartatac.com - New Website Information and Updates
  4. Paypal has "limited" our account for selling "high-capacity magazines"
  5. Black Friday Deal LIVE - PMAG Gen2 Windowed - $113.99 10-pack
  6. Hartatac.com Black Friday Sale!
  7. Need Help - Do you have a Phone Number?
  8. Cyber Monday at Hartatac.com!
  9. iTrader - send me your order numbers and we'll give rep
  10. PMAGs a plenty, and other thoughts
  11. Plug for Hartatac - Good Seller
  12. Magpul Stocks Sale!
  14. Hartatac.com prices have been reset
  15. Hartatac.com Mag Kit Cutoff- 8am Eastern MONDAY 12/16/2013
  16. Received on 12/21/13 THANKS!
  17. my order
  18. Your go to place for AR goods!!!
  19. USPS Delay or lost?
  20. Free shipping? Error
  21. What's with your (lack of) customer service?
  22. Hartatac.com royally bent me over - but then bent me back upright
  23. Status update on our outstanding service issues
  24. Great Support from Calgunners!
  25. What mags do you want riveted?
  26. HartBlock Gen M3 -20 Limiters are close, pre-order and save!
  27. Cannot place an order.
  28. Just wanted to say thanks.
  29. Magpul Maglink compatability
  30. Thanks guys
  31. No replies, no shipping e-mail, > 5 days
  32. Announcing new ownership
  33. Hartatac.com is now Acesarmory.com